Favourites #15 | February 2K17

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

The second and relatively shortest month of the off as well … it has been quite a full month between work, family, meetings and doctor visits it just flew! Short month few faves so here are the #products that made this month’s list.

Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer Mascara
This is my first time using a Catrice mascaras before and I am wondering what took me so long to try them as this one really impressed me. Packaging comes in a black-silver tube, the wand looks like it’s made of silicone and of medium size, which I quite like as I didn’t have trouble when applying the mascara.

Wand is quite flexible which I think makes the application easier and it really coats all the lashes. With regards to the formula it is very wet in the beginning but I quite like that as it does not dry immediately which allows you to keep building the amount of mascara you want to coat your lashes. The mascara does not lengthen the lashes a lot, but it does give volume and makes lashes very black which is right up my alley for an everyday look.

Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer
This hot new product is perfect for your in between colouring appointments, this little guy let’s you touch-up your grey hair and boy oh boy it is amazing at hiding those grow-out grey hair and even more awesome because, if like me when you are stressed or anxious and your hair starts thinning out, it is perfect to disguise the thinning.  

It all happens with a single press of a nozzle. I found that by placing the nozzle about one to two inches away from my hair, I get the best effect. Its flash-dry formula dries quickly, is resistant to humidity and lasts until your next wash.  This is truly an amazing product!!!

Catrice highlighting eyeshadow in 030 Golden lights
I am so happy to have accidentally come across this little gem (literally speaking) because it is amazing.  As a packaging is nothing fancy but the content is amazing so lovely.  Although it is an highlight of the brow brow I have found that it is even better as a cheek highlighter and for only 3 Euros it is awesome.

The shadow picks up nicely and doesn’t have fall-outs, which is often annoying with glittery eyeshadows. It goes onto skin smooth and blends easily. The colour is really hard to define: It’s silver/whitish in colour but you can see a tinge of gold and some shine particles.  The best thing about this highlighter is that it’s very subtle when applied, doesn’t leave you with an “overdo” feeling, but when light hits it you get the wow factor.

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