Event Post #33 | IMEDEEN® Launch Event

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wp-1488699867653.jpgFirst event post for this year saw me heading towards the beautiful Palazzo De Piro in Mdina 🙂 and a new product launch in Malta called IMEDEEN® imported by Vivian Corporation.

Vivian Corporation Ltd. is a leading local distributing and marketing organisation in various areas including HealthcareCosmetics and Toiletries and Retail to name a few, so it came to no surprise that they were looking to expand their portfolio and include IMEDEEN® to their name. IMEDEEN® who as a brand, has been helping women of all ages look and feel beautiful from the inside out.  Established in 1991 their skincare products have help to nourish the deeper layers of the skin where traditional products can’t reach with visible results.

You know the saying that beauty is skin deep and IMEDEEN® took that literally!!! Specifically designed for different ages and skincare needs, IMEDEEN® supplements help take your beauty regime to whole new heights. The IMEDEEN® range is made up of a duo of skin-boosting tablets. The skincare brand believes ageing begins on the inside long before wrinkles and fine lines are visible on the surface, so whether you’re in your 25s, 40s, 50s or beyond, it’s good to start taking supplements as soon as the signs appear.

The Skincare tablets work from within and help you look younger for longer by enhancing your skincare routine. As well as skincare tablets, IMEDEEN® boasts a range of targeted beauty perfection tablets, which help further enhance a thorough beauty routine, starting on the inside and benefits can be seen in as little as 12 weeks.

It’s aim is to work on the deep dermal layer where creams cannot reach due to the fact that it contains Vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin.

Also, IMEDEEN® introduced us also a new product coming out soon the Advanced Beauty Shot, comes in a form of a drink that contains collagen and Vitamin C.  I really am interested in this product!

The IMEDEEN® skincare range comes in a form of tablets and in 3 different age criterias, Derma one for ages 25+, Time perfection for ages 40+, Prime renewal for ages 50+ and each box contains one month supply.  They have been scientifically studied and these studies have shown that the skin density, quality and structure improved drastically more than nonusers.  Developed by scientists, endorsed by dermatologists, and recommended by millions of women worldwide, IMEDEEN® enhances the benefits of a beauty routine and empowers users to see their true selves.  Product contains marine complex containing elements similar to those already found in the skin naturally.

Also, on the night Caroline Paris was named as the company’s ambassador.  After the speeches were done, the invitees were given a free ultrasound scan skin care analysis which can help indicate the skin’s texture for a better indication of skin care medication.

I will be going in for my own skin analysis which I will keep you posted on in a future post. I am really intrigued with these new products, and I will more than likely give it a try.  I do not have a clue about the cost of a month’s supply but I will be let you that.

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