OOTD Post #11 | The customised Camo dress

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Finally I managed to get around an #ootd post.  I really do wish to keep these more frequent as it’s been a long from the last one!!!  I am now finding myself struggling to get the pictures right, it is though when you do not have the skills and you do not have a photographer available.

Anyways, dull moment over …. if you follow me you might have seen the spotlight post where I interviewed Katari, showcasing her amazing designs.  I loved doing that post especially seeing all her sketches.  If you might have missed that one out, do check it out and go show here some love.

So as you can imagine I could not wait to wear this dress she replicated for me, so the minute I had the occasion, which was dinner with my cousins and sister, I did not think twice to wear it.  I wore minimal accessorize as the dress speaks for itself and paired it with a black thigh high boots.  The size of the dress, is made on a UK size 8, however with the recent weight loss, it did come a bit big at the waist but nothing a waist belt could not fix, which I think looked good.

The material of the dress is light, comfy and does not wrinkle at all.  What I enjoyed most was how ‘stiff’ the skirt was at the same time which means that the dress stay put when you stand up and of course I absolutely adore the shoulder buttons detailing which makes the dress pretty much unique

By far the coolest dress I got this season 🙂




Outfit Details:
Camo dress : Orignal piece by Katarí Miylom
Shoes: Guess? (old)
Clip-on extension : Ian Miller of Verawigs

Until next time,


Disclaimer : All photos in this post where taken by my better half with my mobile, so please excuse the not so good pictures.

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