Spotlight Series #15 | Meet Fitness Coach Eva

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

If you have been following me for a while, you might have seen my health journey, where late last year I decided to get healthier as my eating habit were off the charts, I won’t get into that much but If you missed those post you can catch them here and here.

So in the process of achieving an even better lifestyle after the weight loss, I started looking around and trying to find some fitness classes or one-to-one fitness coach.  So when I came across a photo on my IG feed posted by Fitness Coach Eva one thing led to another and we started direct messaging, until we eventually met to have an actual live chat.

It was a very nice afternoon spent with Eva and it did feel like we have known each other for ages! She is such a sweetheart :).

Also, we did have a lot of common grounds to talk about.  Eva got me all pumped for my new journey, which is that of getting leaner, but I would like to add that me and physical activity do not go hand in hand, the only activity I ever did was power walking but that was such a long time ago! So this new step is probably going to be a rough one.  However I do feel the need to start some type of exercise and I am hoping that with the help to Eva and her friends I can achieve that.

Anyways let me introduce to Eva 🙂

Who is Eva?
I am a fit coach and  personal trainer and my purpose is to make people healthier on all levels and therefore my ultimate purpose is to make them feel happy and full of self-love.

I came to Malta because I saw that Maltese people need help. I saw that what we started to do in Slovenia can be used here and that step by step people will start to change their unhealthy habits into healthy ones. When I searched the market I realised that Maltese people started to become aware of the problem that they have about obesity. I also saw that there was nothing similar like we did in Slovenia, nothing that people in everyday life can relate to it.  You could choose to start very strict fitness diets and workouts that are in reality very hard to maintain or doing nothing.  There was nothing in between (or not a lot of offers in that area) for people who in reality wished not to be constricted by a strict plan or workout every day for one or two hours.  People have other priorities in life, like family and job, but they still want to be fit and healthy in their crazy daily schedule.

So hence the start of this new movement.  Started off with one location and few attendees to a few months after 5 different locations and more than 30 people in every location.

I also started my Busy Babe Shape program that is designed just for the ladies with very little time. My vision is to teach people about the simplicity of a healthy and active lifestyle and to give them lifetime changing habits, knowledge and solutions that they can keep and use forever.

How did you get started into this career?
Everything started with my own result. I was always involved into sport. For many years I was dancer and I also finished dancing high school.  After that my passion for sports continued and evolved into passion for healthy nutrition. I started to study and experiment on myself a lot. During that process my sister also introduced me to cellular nutrition. My curiosity was very big so I started to read about it and started using it. After 6 months my skin totally changed, I started to look younger and my skin is now glowy. I got more energy and a leaner body. I maintain my result very easily with less workouts and less strict diet.

Today my passion stays the same. I still believe that with the right nutrition, healthy and active lifestyle you can run away from the doctors and stay vital till old age.

What was the hardest challenge to date in your career?
In every career there are challenges and they never stop. The only difference is that we get stronger, wiser and we learn how to deal with challenges in more calm and wise way, with the knowledge that everything will be fine in the end.

The only challenge that we are actually facing is the challenge inside of us.  No matter how much we think that the challenges are coming from our surroundings and that we can blame someone else, it is not like that. No matter what happens to us, it is always reflection in us. So the only challenge that I had was challenge of my mindset. Since I regularly work, my mindset and good feelings are in sync, everything seems so much more simple and easy.

How many days per week do one need to work out?
People ask that me all the time – how much training they need to have? Well, everything depends on what your ultimate goal is and of course your starting physic.

If you just want to maintain healthy body that is already in normal state, then being active every day at least 30 min an easy workout like walking, jogging and light swimming, etc. is enough.

If you want to  lose weight and you are beginner, 3 times per week for 30 min of mid- intense workout is enough. If you are not the beginner anymore then, you need to step up the challenge. Increasing your workout routines every week bit by bit is the key. Mixing up workout routines, adding different exercises and mixing cardio, strength and rest will make your result ongoing process. The key is to break the pattern so your result keeps improving, even if this sometimes means taking three days off.  If one does not train enough it can resonate in gaining weight and if we train too much it can also resonate in not loosing kilos or body fat any more.

Our body is a live organism and is much more complicated then we think. There is no ‘one way’ approach that will work for everyone and that is why it’s good to have someone to guide you and tell you what would be the best to do next. Sometimes this can be adding more workouts and sometimes totally the opposite.

How do you access the best food plan?
With food is similar like with training. There is no ”one fit all” approach.  Although there are some basics that are the same for all of us. And usually we fail with basics.

Everyone focuses on complicating, adding ”special” ingredient into our meal plan that will make us lose weight ‘faster’. I have to disappoint you with saying that no strict or extreme dieting works.  Look at it this way do you think you can do the strict diet for if the answer is no then you know you cannot lose weight ‘fast’.

My philosophy is healthy eating in general and I teach people how to do that in a simple way with healthy meals. Also, with help of natural supplements and with some occasional reward meals as well – after all dieting can be fun 🙂

The first thing I start by effecting a wellness profile.  The aim of this profile is to see what are the missing elements and mistakes are and tailor a nutrition plan according to their needs and their lifestyle.  Not forgetting the focus on reaching the aim they want, making it as simple as possible.

Should you eat before a workout and what about after?
There are always ”it depends” answers.  Yes, you should eat before workout. The best is to eat two hours before, except if the workout is in the morning. Then you have to adjust the meal before the workout. Some people have the philosophy that working out on empty stomach will help them loose more body fat. My opinion is that doing this will give you result only if your nutrition is already balanced and if you do that just occasionally.

And yes, you definitely have to eat after the workout. 30 min after the workout you have the ”window of opportunity” when your absorption is really high and there is the time when your body can absorb the nutrients in really high percentage. This ”window of opportunity” starts to close after 30 min so we need to eat/drink something that gets to our cells really fast and has all the nutrients in the right proportions, based on our type of workout.

What I suggest for my clients is to have shake after the workout. Having just proteins would not be enough. Our body also needs certain amount of healthy carbs and vitamins. How much of each you ask – it all depends on the type of workout.  For example by having a Termojetics tea before workout, a quality post-workout shake you can burn body fat 72 hours after the workout.

What type of classes are you doing at the moment?
At the moment I am mostly doing group high intensity body weight training – on site and online.

With people that have already better performance I am also doing high intensity training with weights or one-on-one personal training.

Now we are gonna finish the first round of 7 week online challenge, where we were mostly doing short but intensive training.  Till now all of attendees achieved really good results.

Where can these classes be found?
Our group classes you can find on Live Healthy & Active FB page, on my personal FB page Eva Jurenec or you can also contact me through Instagram fitcoach_eva or email .

Right now I am preparing a new 6 week challenge specially designed just for women that will be focused on fit summer tummies and will start in April (sign me up Eva!!!)

Is doing just cardio enough?
Depends on the goal, but usually no. If you really like cardio then at least core and stretching exercises would be needed beside just cardio.

If the goal is to really have fit, lean body with nice muscles (not to much but still some, so it looks nice and sexy), then the best combination is weight training, HIIT and some cardio (the amount of cardio depends on your body type and metabolism).

How frequently should one train?
If you start with 2-3 times per week and you are consistent in that, it is much more valuable then starting with 5-6 times and then not keep it up.

It is better to start with short and more intense training, so you don’t loose too much time. Keep the smaller amount of training consistently will give good results, rather then sometimes doing them 5 times per week and sometimes nothing.

How quickly can one see results of the training?
Result comes from putting the puzzles together. The main puzzle is nutrition  – it is 80% of the result. Then it is workout which is 20% of the result and what is also important are mindset and consistency.

So if you start with some good and simple program, working with a coach and focusing mainly on healthy nutrition, adding some natural supplements, then the results can come quickly.

Why does it feel that workouts get harder?
Sometimes we feel like that because our muscles and body are tired. The body needs and saves energy for recovery. In that case it is good to take some days off from training and recover the body.

Sometimes this can be the lack of right nutrients in our diet. In that case one has to check if there are enough vitamins, minerals, macros etc. in our diet. That is why I also recommend adding the natural supplements to the diet that help us with recovery and staying healthy, not just fit.

Also, sometimes this can be the protection in our body. The body has a tendency to stay ‘in the same place’. Every big change is stress for the body – for a certain period of time. So we need to go through that and after that, one will actually start to feel lighter and better.

Is there such a thing as the best diet for weight loss?
The best diet for permanent weight loss is a healthy and active lifestyle in general.  There is no secret pill that will make us fit over night. Being healthy fit is a process. But if we do it correctly the results can be visible really quickly and we can also maintain it if the program is made in a way that we can keep it forever.

But today it is sometimes hard to define what is healthy with all the information that we get bombarded with via internet and magazines. That is why a coach is needed, they have the correct knowledge and we can trust them. When we learn what is actually healthy we are not mislead with marketing anymore. We know how to eat, how to cook and how to buy the grocery so we become and maintain our health for the rest of our lives.

I am really sorry for the VERY LONG POST but it that was such and interesting chat and I enjoyed it so much that I just could not make it shorter.  Eva was so passionate and detailed in her explanations and I can now say that I am very happy to be in the life changing healthy zone.

By the end of the chat I was so pumped up at that yes by now I have enrolled myself in the training sessions provided by Live Healthy & Active and it has been an awesome experience so far.  I am loving these sessions, not as tough as I thought they would be to be honest and that is a lot coming from a person that does not have a good relationship with physical activity.

After finishing my nutritionist programme a few weeks ago, I have now into the maintenance programme that I have teamed up with these fitness session so Stay tuned for post on this in the coming weeks.

Until next time,



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