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Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

The eve of a Public holiday in Malta saw me heading towards our beautiful capital city Valletta not for one but two events related to my blog plus a work farewell dinner at the Valletta Waterfront afterwards 🙂 Busy babe for this Thursday early pm but hey I am by far complaining as I was luck enough that all happened in the same area ….

Image result for roseberry malta logoSo first up was blinc’s new products launch at Rosberry.

In a nutshell …. The blinc brand began because a number of cosmetic brands in the world, had not solved the ‘negative’ mascara attributes of clumping, flaking, smudging, running and ease of removal.  Back, in 1999, blinc decided it can develop the perfect mascara!  After researching the matter, it was realized that all traditional mascaras were oil-based paints and decided to take a different approach. It didn’t make sense to develop another oil-based paint mascara with their associated negative traits. Soon thereafter, blinc introduced the world to “tube-forming” mascara technology. In addition to solving negative attributes associated with traditional mascaras, consumers no longer had to use makeup remover or choose between long wear and ease of removal (because blinc delivered both). Today, blinc is based in Florida USA, sold in over thirty countries, and continues to create eye makeup through passion and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

blinc products are different as they deliver problem-free, sleep-lasting wear that is effortless to remove. They have helped people through everything from crying tears of joy, sleeping through 16-hour airplane trips, to crossing the finish line at marathons. We want you to feel confident that you can do anything, knowing your makeup will look beautiful and remain exactly as it was applied, all along in control of its effortless removal.

When I got to Rosberry Nataliya, was introducing the blinc mascara amplified, that like it’s original counter part provides incredible, buildable volume and length to give a radiant natural look, that lasts all day!  Mascara is water-resistant and uses the ‘tube’ system which means encases your lashes in a tube and once settle product will not run, smudge, clamp or flake not even if you cry or rub your eyes.  The trick to achieving your desired look it is important that you keep using the product before it dries as once it sets it will not allow you to build your look further.

Another interesting product that was featured is the blinc eyeliner, made from the same system of the mascara above, this liner is water-resistant and creates a layer of colour that cannot fade, run, smudge or flake! I must say that both of these products got me curious and I am glad that we got both product as samples, as I cannot wait to put them to the test, especially how you are meant to remove product by simply lots of warm water and gentle pressure with your fingertips. I am honestly intrigued!!!

Nataliya and her team, ran us through the other amazing blinc’s eye range, which includes lash primers, additional two liquid liners (one in a pen form with a very tiny tip and the other an even thinner tip – which I must admit I have not seen like it around), a vast range of creamy and pigmented eyeliners, eyebrow mousse, eyeshadow primers, and last but surely not the least blinc’s neutral palette which boasts 10 beautiful shades.

blinc also carries other products that can be very useful and these are a heated lash curler, a micro trimmer and face brushes.

It was such an intimate and cosy event which I really enjoyed and as always it was nice to catch up with fellow bloggers and enjoy event hosted by blinc, Paloma Cosmetics and Rosberry.

While in Valletta after the blinc event, I headed to C&R brand’s flagship store for the launch of ‘Iconic’ SS ’17 collection.  I was so glad to have made it to event, as Image result for charles & ron logoafter seeing the collection when they first showcased it, last September at the Art Hearts Fashion Show in New York (if you missed that you can check it out here).  It is such a wonderful experience seeing with your own eyes the amazing collection.  The night was an easy flow of fashion enthusiast who had the chance to shop the collection long after the shops’ normal closing hours and was also treated to a glass or two of delicious Prosecco paired with exquisite food 🙂

Of course I did not leave empty handed, got the C&R cap which I have been wanting since they launched it last February – and I might go back to get me the CR heart White Women T-Shirt which I saw on fellow blogger Grazielle Camilleri and loved it even more.

Thank you once again Charles & Ron for yet another amazing night encased in the lovely world that you create with each collection.

Last but not the least off to the Valletta Waterfront to meet up with my work colleagues for a farewell dinner and of course some much needed ….


Until next time,



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