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If you might recall a few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of IMEDEEN® new skin products.  In a nutshell these products are age-defying skincare in a tablet form, said to improve skin on the face and body making them feel softer, smoother and more supple.  IMEDEEN® works by improving the dermis layer of the skin through the action of its formula, which nourishes the skin from the inside out.

The IMEDEEN® supplements range includes Derma One® (retails for €45 for a month’s supply) suggested for clients who are aged 25+; Time Perfection® (retails for €53 for a month’s supply) suggested for clients who are 40+; and Prime Renewal® (retails for €71 for a month’s supply) suggested for clients who are aged 50 and over.  The skincare tablets work in the deep dermal layer where traditional moisturizers can’t reach.
Although, supplements come with the above guide line of the time-line it is advisable that prior to buying the tables you take the time to have the skin analysis test which will help more to identify in which time-line your skin falls under.
So, I did just that, and went in to meet Allison who is the Skin Consultant at Vivian Corporation, for the free skin analysis which is meant help determine the moisture and collagen levels in my skin, which will then establish which product from the three mentioned above is best one for me to start using on this new journey to improve my skin’s look.  The skin analysis took roughly 15 minutes and it is done through an ultrasound scan of the skin on the top of my hand.  During the scan, you can see the layers of your skin. When scan was done, Allison explained the scan thoroughly, emphasising the brown shades in the scan which is the natural collagen in my skin.  Scan indicated that my skin level is above average, which I was happy about considering my age.
Following the said scan, Allison proposed that the IMEDEEN® Derma One is best product for me and she kindly gave me a month’s supply to try out.  These supplements are meant to fight the loss of radiance and moisture associated with the signs of ageing. Product is totally safe and can be taken by anyone as it contains marine complex, vitamin C and zinc which combined, make the perfect formula to contribute to the protection from oxidative stress, supporting the collagen formation and to maintain an overall healthy skin.


I am really intrigued by these supplements, especially to see how the collagen and moisture levels in my skin will increase in the coming month/s 🙂 and honestly afterwards too, as it is advisable for one to see the full effect of these supplements you have to take them for three months.

These skin consultations are being held around the island so if you wish to go avail yourself from such analysis which is being conducted free of charge, in leading pharmacies around Malta (kindly contact Vivian Corporation on 2258 8600, e-mail to find out where is your nearest pharmacy) and you can start your IMEDEEN® supplement 🙂
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 Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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