Semi Permanent Eyebrows (Part 2) | My Experience

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So a couple of month ago you might have caught my first post where in I shared some information with you on semi permanent eyebrows and my consultation of my wish to change my shape and an in depth discussion of what shade is advisable for me.

Admittedly above step is the most fundamental part of the brow tattooing process.  It needs to compliment your natural shape as well as your face shape and complexion and if you have a very good therapist she surely ensures both factors are perfect (mine did way beyond my expectations!)

Getting the correct shade tends to somewhat be the ‘easy’ part unlike getting the shape right, and that is where all the appointment time goes and it is important to remember the good old saying “Eyebrows are sisters & not twins”. It is unlikely that your brows will be the mirror image of each other but neither is your face so that really is a given, however, and I can only speak from my experience here, your eyes will lie to you.

If you see something wonky in the mirror, take a picture and you will see that they are in actual fact, perfect. What you see looking in the mirror is quite different to how they look to the outside world and in my honest opinion.

wp-1491224263130.jpgOnce the outline has been penciled in, which I must admit is very scary as it looks very bold and harsh, my Therapist began the art of creating my eyebrows in what feels like strokes motion, which merge with your natural brows (or lack of in my case). These hair strokes will look quite bold to begin with but within 2 weeks they will fade out to a perfect natural shade.

If I were to tell you that it is not painful or that I did not feel anything I would be lying after all you are getting a tattoo on your face and everyone’s pain threshold is different. Truth is, it might do a little, but with the layer of numbing cream applied before starting the process, I was comfortable the whole time and the pain in my case was totally bearable.   Dare I say at one point I dozed off for a split second! (but not entirely sure!)

When deciding to get your brows done, bare in mind that you they are going to be on your face for quite a long time, so it is important that YOU communicate what it is that you want effectively before hand (hence the consultation) to ensure you receive the eyebrows that you want.  If you aren’t happy with the outlined shape then you have to voice this and work together with your Therapist to create the shape you are both happy with – which will ultimately result in both you and your therapist being very happy with a cracking pair of NEW brows.


I cannot express how happy I am with the how my brows turned out, my Therapist exceeded all my
expectations.  I was also pleasantly surprised at how fast they healed.  It took just 4 days for the scab that formed on my eyebrows to fall off and the colour underneath totally stayed put.  To say that I am obsessed on these new brows is an understatement and I really cannot wait for May to come by so I can get the 2nd part of the treatment done which is microblading.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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