Ebay bargain hunt #5 | My finds €9 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Here are a few bits and bobs I recently got from my beloved eBay 🙂

Hope you like my picks and if you like anything happy shopping!

Women Long Sleeve Distressed Sweater (€9.60)
I have been seeing a lot of these distressed sweater dresses on a lot of influencers that I follow, and need to say I was on the hunt to get my hand on one.  Obviously I did not find one locally so I head on over to eBay and of course I found one (doh!!).  Out of all the colours to choose from I had my heart set on the chocolate colour (side note: I did check the reviews).  Sadly the colour was not as pictured by hey I can work with it.  Dress  material is made if light knit which is nice for Spring although colour is dark.  Distress part looks nice not too ‘cheap’ looking.

Portable Selfie LED Camera Ring Light For Samsung (€3.50)
This is a no brainer as I had already got one a while back.  It was just cause the LED of the first one all of a sudden stopped working! So for this time I went for the cute pink one.  Made of the good quality and as per the last one quite sturdy.

Women Sunglasses Clear Lens (€1.80)
Again, blame it on the influencers for this purchase (but really wanted it too).  So why not get one from eBay which seem to have quite nice and sturdy and not cheap looking options.  Loved this one even though it does reflect a lot when taking pictures but still looks awesome 🙂

Women Denim Corset Belt (€4.20)
Of course this item does not come as surprise since I have been loving #everything denim lately and I just love love love this belt.

3 Barrel Ceramic Hair Curler (€8.70)
I was almost about to by this off yet another Facebook ad (I recently got a tooth polish and face mask of these ads) but for some funny reason I decided to to check eBay before succumbing to the impulse purchase and so I did.  When I got it wad aww how cute it’s so small and handy – so handy it’s good for travelling to which it comes to a travelling adapter.  So you can imagine like anything electronic travel size it comes with a small voltage which means to achieve a beach wave effect I needed to spend a good couple of hours and I had to split my hair in very small sections.

Fake Clip On Nose Ring (€1.20)

This was a ‘Coachella’ inspired purchase and I always wanted to pierce my nose and with these fake clip-ons pretty much you look cool without having to go through the pain.  Was impressed with with the colour as rose-gold is somewhat a difficult colour to mimic but I really liked these.



So that is for my latest eBay bargain hunt post … Hope you like the items I got to share with you guys – until next bargain hunt … Happy Shopping😀




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