Favourites #17 | April 2K17

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Yep, April flew by and just like that I forgot about my Monthly faves so here I am 8 days later posting April’s faves.

So here are the items I loved most in April and I have to admit that they all go to do with the items I took with me to Rome which obviously I loved ūüôā

Clinque Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer
I have been wanting to try this foundation ever since one of my favourite YouTuber Kandee raved about a year ago.  By coincidence, end of last year I went in to get my make-up done at Melita Pharmacy by the talented Daniela Ebejer, I found out that Daniela used it  and I absolutely loved it.  OMG the lasting performance on that day was just AMAZING.

Beyond Perfecting‚Äės¬†texture is lightweight and very¬†creamy. You can feel it¬†going on and it needs proper blending but it doesn‚Äôt sit heavily and I liked how moisturising it felt. One of the strong points is the packaging or better yet the applicator. It has this spongy-tipped ¬†applicator that turns the whole thing into a giant version of a concealer. You can use the side of the applicator to spread foundation onto the skin straight from the glass bottle and then it can be used more accurately to dot extra makeup where needed. Good for quick touch-ups, under eye concealing or, if you prefer a lighter-looking base, more targeted foundation application.

KatvonD – Lolita II liquid lipstick
We all got on the 90’s kind of browns band wagon, so when I spotted Sephora in Rome last month and that they just got the KatvonD range I had to grap one, I opted for Lolita II (as Lolita was out of stock). ¬†I would described Lolita II as a terra cota nude with a matte finish. It is an absolutely ¬†beautiful colour that you can wear everyday (which I did).

Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes
These makeup cleansing wipes are designed to dissolve¬†face, eye, and lip makeup while simultaneously providing immediate and long-lasting hydration with Provitamine B5, which gives extra moisture to the skin. Packaging has a double sealed window¬†‚ÄĒ¬†a snap closure and an adhesive closure ‚ÄĒ to ensure that the wipes will not dry out over time. There are 25 wipes in the package similar to most wipes on the market but what I like about these is that they are¬†much bigger in size and one wipe is more than plenty for removing a full face of everyday makeup. The wipes are also thick, soft¬†and more ‚Äúcushiony‚ÄĚ. I also love, love, love the clean and¬†refreshing scent ‚ÄĒ it is so light and I think even those whose skin is sensitive to fragrances will still be able to use it. ¬†I think they remove face and lips makeup well. They stay moist during use and my long-wearing foundation, concealer, and lipstick come off quite easily after a few gentle swipes. My face is left feeling thoroughly clean¬†and refreshed. ¬†These wipes do not burn, tighten, dry out, or sting my skin in anyway which is something I like.

Select Backpack
This was a gift I got for Christmas and thank God I decided to take it with me on holiday as it was amazing given all all the little gadgets I had to¬†carry including snacks and my little one drinking bottle. ¬†I came to realize that it is, by far more better to carry the weight of a the bag on both shoulders other then just one taking into consideration the amount of walking one does whilst on holiday. ¬†So thank you sis – it was truly the perfect size for me ūüôā

So these ARE the items that I mostly used last month (even after the holiday!) so I guess this spotlight is well deserved.

Until next month,


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