Product Launch #2 | Juvederm® VOLITE – An innovative injectable treatment

Hey there my lovelies,

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Today I come with you with a very exciting new #product launch, which comes from Vivian Corporation namely Juvederm® VOLITE which is the first injectable treatment for improving skin quality (yass … music to my ear!!!)  another great addition to Vivian Corporation`s ever growing well-being portfolio!

Launching of this new innovative product took place on Friday 21st April at The Clubhouse, Gianpula.  Event included a seminar for med-aesthetic doctors including a live workshop. The treatment is designed to improve skin quality for up to nine months (amazing right!) with just one session, thus taking away the need for multiple treatments.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend said event, but I got the full 411 (aka details) of what happened on the night, so I am filling you my lovelies as I believe that this is going to be a game changer for those of us who love all types of different form of skin care.4

On the night, Dr. Dimitris Sykianakis, Medical Trainer and Juvederm® VOLITE advisory board member, discussed the details of what skin vquality really means and how Juvederm® VOLITE can improve the skin and really make it glow.  Whilst Dimitris Vrachnos, Business Consultant specialised in the medical aesthetics field, explained what consumers look  for when talking about good skin including tips on patient consultation. Guests, on said night had the opportunity to see a live injection demonstration which gave the audience the opportunity to learn first hand how to inject Juvederm® VOLITE in the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

It is a fact that global research shows that skin quality is a growing concern for women, precisely, 56% of women say the appearance of their skin contributes to their outer beauty.


So how does it work?
Juvederm® VOLITE (containing hyaluronic acid) is injected within the dermis which is a layer of soft tissue below the epidermis. The product can be used to treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands and contains the anaesthetic lidocaine, to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. During a thorough consultation, the aesthetic practitioner will discuss and determine the amount of product required to achieve the patient`s desired results.

Product also uses patented VYCROSS® technology, that aims to improve skin smoothness (absence of fine lines), hydration and elasticity.

So why good skin quality is so important?
Looking healthy – We are sensitive to skin colouration cues and relate them to healthiness, with smooth skin rated the healthiest.
Looking youthful – Improving the elasticity and removing fine lines and wrinkles from female faces can result in a lower estimated age.
Looking beautiful – Skin texture is a major indicator of beauty, with even skin contributing towards attractiveness.

I am so excited about this new product and you know I will be contacting my trusted med-estethic clinic to make the necessary arrangements 🙂 So definitely, be on the look out for that post to come out in the upcoming months.

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