Event Post #49 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2K17 | Day 4 : Show 2 : Food & Flowers S/S ’17 by Ef+facto

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog and to the day’s second show that was presented to us by the Italian brand Ef+facto, designed by Lorena Meyer Food & Flowers S/S 2017 collection.

I quite enjoyed this easy going and laid bag collection.  The range has a young and vibrant feel to it but can easily worn by the mature women who does not shy away from wanting to look fab and stylish.

The colour tones work nicely on the runway with tones varying from yellows to oranges to blues with some added patterns.   Also, choice of styles is vast ranging from palazzos to blouses to  mini and maxi dresses.  Pleased also to see that styles are suitable for all sizes.  I discovered that Effacto have an on online store too 🙂 So happy shopping surely you will find something to suit your needs.

I was nice to see that some of outfits had a splash of color courtesy a the collaboration with local designer Yana of Yana’s Jewellery.

I really liked this fashion show especially as it was noted to us that all pieces are environmentally friendly and made from organic materials.

Lead makeup artist: Rachelle Gillford
Assisted by: Caroline Attard, Lindsey Bonnici, Miriam Pace, Jeanette Cardona, Jade Galea Pace, Cristina Moncholi
Lead Hairstylist: Maria Bonavia
Assisted by: Flavia Attard, Mate Irsik

If unfortunately you cannot make, I will be there so make sure to follow my socials especially Facebook and Instagram to see what’s going on.

Until next time,


Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to TGM Photography Media and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2017 TGM Photography

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