Travel post #3 | Rome is truly Magnificent

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Rome …..  Where do I even start?  The magic of this city hit me the moment I got my first glimpse of Piazza Venezia on the way to our Pensione.  On the cab ride, I was looking to try and catch a glimpse of other monuments but it was dark outside. By the time we left the airport it was 9.30pm, however what I managed to catch, were the perfect representation of what I was expecting of Rome.

As it was my first time in Rome, we spent our days hitting the major sights, as you will see pictured below.

Our first day was nicely spent at the Vatican City (we pre-purchased the OMNIA pack online) I highly recommend in getting this, it might be on the expensive side but totally the best thing we decided to do after settling for this trip, exploring all available venues without having to spend endless time waiting in line is #priceless.

The first stop in the Vatican city tour that we pre-booked was the Vatican City museums leading to the magnificent Sistine Chapel. We also had the chance to spend an hour or so in the beautiful Vatican gardens and later in the day we headed to St. Peters Basillica.  A visit to the Vatican is really a must and Michelangelo’s decedent ceiling and wall paintings are something you’ll never see anywhere else.

Our second day saw us heading to the majestic Colosseum, which is an obvious spot to visit but for me it was quite an experience.  Roaming through one of the wonders of the world is incredible!  To think that this building has survived since the Roman times, it really is a spectacle. There are several different tours you can take; but we opted to use an mobile app which was very informative.  You learn a lot about Roman history. The Roma pass also included entrance to the Forum and Paladino Hill, which is just over the road from the Colosseum and a truly spectacular place to visit with even more breath-taking views.

The Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, both these magnificent pieces of Roman architecture are free to enter and should be on any Rome trip itinerary. They are within walking distance of each other. When visiting the Trevi Fountain its tradition to throw in a coin and make a wish. If you want to do it properly you should throw the coin over your left shoulder with your right hand.  The Pantheon is equally impressive and doesn’t take long to explore. Once a temple built for the gods of pagan Rome, it’s now an impressive pillared masterpiece which has stood the test of time. That’s the thing about Rome, you will just be walking down a normal street, you’ll turn a corner and they’ll be a huge ancient Roman building.

I found walking around Rome is very doable and a great way to discover new places. Of course there is so much more to do in Rome but if you are limited on time then I’d say these are highlights. Make sure you pack comfortable shoes and have lots of memory space on your camera!

We wandered the streets mostly ever day and always headed towards Piaza Navona (an absolute favourite).  The Spanish steps are as beautiful as they look in pictures.  On Easter Sunday we took out munchkin to the BioParco situated in Villa Borghese which is just an amazing spot to spend a good morning at.

I had an absolutely great time in Rome and will probably visit again in the future but there are other cities on my #bucketlist that I am hoping to get to chance to visit.

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