Semi Permanent Eyebrows (Part 3) | My Microblading experience

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For today I am sharing with you to my third and final #post of my journey in achieving my #perfect new eyebrows and if you wish to check them out the first two posts 🙂 you can do so here and here.

Prior to going into this amazing experience, I would spend close to 20 minutes alone on making sure my eyebrows look as perfect as I can get them.  You might also, have seen how misshaped and funny my brows look in their natural state. I’m so mad at myself for over-plucking as a teenager, because I was left with some sad brows.

Hence this journey which final step was getting microblading – an amazing new trend in the beauty world 🙂 The tool used in microblading will create tiny hair strokes add the pigment that is matched to your brows (or in my case my previous semi-permanent session).

First things first, the numbing cream goes in first and a few minutes later the numbing starts kicking in and it’s time to start blading. You’ll hear a slight scraping sound and you might feel the odd cut, like a paper cut, as your therapist works over your brows. I found the outer corners to be the most sensitive.

After the first pass is complete, more numbing gel is applied and after about 3-5 minutes the second pass starts. At this point, I kinda felt it more, dare I say I felt it more that the semi-permanent session!  However, Ana was fast in proceeding with repeating as before. The last pass is spent filling in the details and evening things out. After this, it’s time for the reveal!

The pigment is wiped off and you get to see your finished brows! If you’re happy, you’re done!  

Natural face – On consultation

Eyebrow shaping on consultation


Before and after – Semi-permanent treatment

3 weeks after Microblading

If like me, you don’t like your brows, maybe never had them, over plucked them or just with age they’ve thinned out, I highly recommend the whole experience.  It will literally change your life and boost your confidence. To say that I am obsessed with my new brows is and #understatement!

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 Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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