Guest Blogger #3 | Natural Spring Make-up Look by Lourdes of Lourdes Gio’s Blog

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog 🙂

Third Guest Blogger post come from the sweet Lourdes of Lourdes Gio’s Blog and she is sharing with us her natural Spring make up look.

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Hello dear readers,

Today I will be featuring on Caroline’s blog.

In Spring we tend to start wearing light and bright colours. For this make-up look I decided to go for a light natural pink-ish look.   As you will see later on, almost all of the products are from Essence and this is because I really like the quality of the products for the price paid.

All the products mentioned are my favourites and my go to’s. Regards the eyeshadow palettes, I am still testing them out but so far I’m in love with them.


Lately I have been having a bit of a dilemma whether I should keep using foundations or otherwise. This is because almost every time I’m about to put on make-up I just don’t feel like putting on foundation. But at least when I use this foundation I don’t feel it heavy on my face and its almost like I didn’t put any foundation at all.

Something I want to mention is why I use two concealers: when I use only one I can still see my dark circles so first I use the Stay Natural and then apply Stay all Day which is a bit lighter. If you come to know of a very good and not expensive concealer that blocks out the dark circles with just one coat please do let me know.



Products used:
Primer: Facefinity by Max Factor
Foundation:  All about matt! by Essence
Concealers: Stay All Day by Essence and Stay Natural also by Essence
Eyeshadow base: I ❤ stage by Essence
Powder: Mattifying compact powder by Essence and Stay All Day translucent fixing powder also by Essence
Eyeshadow: All about Nudes and All about Roses eyeshadow palettes by Essence
Mascara: Plump no Clump mascara by Essence
Eyebrows: Eyebrow designer by Essence
Bronzer: Bronzing powder by H&M (I know its not an actual make-up brand but its still really good)
Lips: Lime Crime dupe from Ebay called Buffy

Thank you for reading,

Lourdes Gio xxx

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