Fact or Fiction #6 | Amour Noir Tooth Polish

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I have never exactly been comfortable with how my teeth look – I basically dislike them both colour and shape, hence the reason I do not smile!! I am still haunted by the fact that I never had the courage to do braces when I was younger, I would have been a bit happier now.  I hear you say it’s never too late, but with a mortgage and a family the things I failed to do back then, cannot be done now.

One thing I do though is try and get my teeth whither.  Over the years I have bought  various teeth whitener toothpaste which never did much.  I also tired Teeth Whitening which was an awesome experience and it was one of the things I tried that worked and I could see a good noticeable difference.  Unfortunately, I never went in for the impressions as mentioned in post above, so I did not continue this treatment.

Whether wishing for whiter teeth before a special day, or just to maintain consistently, I found a quick solution to teeth whitening, a fix that you are meant to see you results in just 7 days and this is the Amour Noir Tooth Polish.  It’s such a simple process, you simply dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush your teeth for 2 minutes like you would with normal toothpaste – you still have to clean your teeth twice a day though as this is just a polish!

So how does this magical product work I hear you all ask? Well it works because unharmful charcoal is used to remove stains and bacteria.  It’s even great to get  rid of my little brown stains from drinking tea and coffee! When it comes to products that go in your mouth, you should always read up on them. But rest assured that the Amour Noir Tooth Polish is completely safe and made up with natural ingredients. I’m super picky but I absolutely loved using the polish to try and get a beaming white smile.

So is it as it seems from the ads the quick solutions to teeth whitening?

To start of with Amour Noir is made from activated charcoal, calcium bentonite and peppermint oil. It is a 100% made of natural products.  Product is also vegan and animal cruelty free. It i also known that many other teeth whitening products use harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide which is damaging for tooth enamel.


I warn you: it is very messy, when I first used it I was not paying attention and later noticed loads of tiny black splash marks all over my mirror and sink!  Also, I would suggest to use an alternative brush other than your normal one as it the charcoal does not come off the bristles!

As instructed I used Amour Noir for a straight month, however after about three weeks, I started to feel that my upper gum were becoming very sensitive to the brushing both while using the charcoal powder and afterwards with the toothpaste.   I felt I had to make sure if the sensitiveness is coming from the polish.   I stopped for 7 days not using the polish and the sensitivity decreased drastically to totally on the 7th day.

I restarted using the product after the above 7th day and I have now been using it for a couple of months with an in between solution, instead of using the Amour Noir powder on it’s own and then brush my teeth with normal toothpaste, I am now creating a customised paste which I achieve with a dab of toothpaste and a bit of powder which creates a charcoal toothpaste and I having loving this solution and it has been great, getting somewhat whither teeth without the sensitivity of the gums 🙂

I feel so bad not having snapped a before photo but you can see the after above (so sorry for the awkward posses) it is a fact that I hate to smile and show my teeth so you can only imagine how hard it was to take these photos.

So in the matter of fact or fiction – this product can in fact whiten your teeth and I feel if your teeth are more yellow toned the grey toned – there is a good chance that you will definitely see the difference instantly.  I have seen a slight change I still see them as greyish but if I have to be sincere I think they might have a shades a few shades lighter.

Overall, I would recommend this product to use as a teeth whitener, instead of the slightly more expensive gels and UV light whiteners.  It cost around £16 and it can give you up to 4 months of usage (121 uses) which is not bad at at.

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Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own based on my personal experience. I bought the products myself and I am not affiliated with the company.

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