Favourites #19 | June 2K17

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Another month off the calendar 😮 My favourite month June down and dusted too OMG half of 2K17 already gone!!

I must admit that these past few months I have not been shopping so really and truly there are not many new items that I have been testing and loving, hence the reason why this post is up so late!! Really sorry about that, the faves post are becoming a handful due to this – hopefully I don’t bore you off …  So let’s get this post rolling 🙂

Nivea Daily Essentials : Express Hydration Primer
Now that summer is here this primer is so a nice refreshing change as it combines my best moisturiser and your fave primer in one.  As amount to be applied, a little bit of product goes a long way as it really slides onto the skin with ease and also dries very fast.  I am really enjoying using this product because it sinks in so quickly and leaves the skin fresh, smooth and really soft.  It makes the perfect base for my BB foundation which I am opting for these days.


BB Cream with Anti-Aging in the shade 001 Nude
I have had this BB Cream for a while now and I totally forgot how much I loved it 🙂 It is the best arsenal you can have in summer an anti-aging tinted cream with SPF30 that give you the an even and luminous look hence leaving my skin looking super natural.


Zooeva Caramel Melange palette
My usage of eyeshadows has not increased (still struggling to allow myself more that 30 mins to get ready in the morning) however I did have a couple of weddings to go to this past month and I reached out for this palette most of all!  I reviewed in detail this palette here if you want to check it out, but I am telling you you need this one – the most amazing neutral tones I own, with a creamy consistency, smooth to the touch and amazing colour payoff.

Colab Dry Shampoo
I cannot do without dry shampoo especially on very humid days, it is my best friend.  I had come across The CoLab range months ago and pick up one (Paris to be exact) and only recently started using it!  I heared it is as good as the Batiste one (which I never tried).  On application onto my hair it feels powdery but I was very happy to see that no white cast or coloured residue is left behind (thumbs up).  It soaks up any oil at the roots well and has a nice refreshing scent too.

The only thing I would say, is that if you like your dry shampoo to give you volume as well, this one doesn’t really deliver on that front. It does a fantastic job of making the hair look and feel clean again, but doesn’t give that extra ‘oompf’ that some others give. I’ve just found out though that there’s an ‘Extreme Volume’ version which I might just go and pick up 🙂 as I like me some volume in my dry shampoos.


 E45 Cream
My ride or die body cream I cannot do without this one!! I suffer from excessive dry skin and to my utter amazement, after using it for just 5 days, the difference was amazing, not only on my legs but also on my cracked heels and believe me ladies …. this cream is a miracle worker!

I like to apply the cream right after every shower, I use this all over my body and found that my skin absorbs it quite quickly and it does not leave any residue which is great. My skin doesn’t feel dry as before and certain areas where I used to have itching caused by said dryness it is gone for good which is absolutely awesome.  On the other hand, my cracked heels need more professional help, but will definitely keep using this product as it is the only cream that helped slow down the cracking!


There goes the list for this month.

Until next time,

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