Travel post #4 | Summer break packing

Hey there my lovelies,

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When I thought my one and only trip this year was going to be Rome, here I am writing another travelling related post – packing for a weekend break in Trapani :).

My better half booked the trip which originally was meant to be a surprise for my Birthday weekend but the timing was not right so we opted for mid-July.  So after we sorted out our flights and sorted out the accommodation we were all set to make the itinerary for the two full days and 2 half days that we will be in Trapani.

So an insight to my time in Trapani will be up after I actually go and come back but for today’s post I am here to discussed what I packed for my summer weekend trip to Sicily.  Of course, I am listing what one might find handy on a summer trip.

With Sicily being an island in Mediterranean like my own July means sun and hot weather, so the things you should pack that are specific to summer and sun-related. Even if you don’t plan to lie by a pool, you’ll need to be prepared for hot weather.

  • Sunglasses – Cover them eyes from the sun’s rays.
  • Sun Hat – Many sights are outdoors, some attractions require long waits and just walking from place to place means you’re exposed to the often-brutal sun.
  • Sunblock – Bringing sunscreen is important for the same reasons listed above. Getting s sunburns is no fun when you’re on vacation.  Remember that if you’re travelling with a hand luggage, that means you’ll need to limit yourself to a 3oz bottle of sunblock and buy more in Italy if you run out.  Another alternative is getting a solid sunscreen instead instead of liquid.
  • Swimsuit – Whether you’ll be hanging out a pool or you’re visiting some of Sicily’s beaches, a swimsuit is a must-have for summer trips to Italy. Luckily, they take up very little room in a bag.
  • Shorts – Shorts are part of the uniform of summer, comfortable and light perfect must-have.
  • Skirt – A light weigh skirt to be paired with a tank top is another addition to your packing
  • Sun dress and Maxi dress – you can never go wrong with a light weight summery dress
  • Flat sandals – The other part of summer’s uniform are flat sandals, perfectly acceptable summer footwear, just so long as they’re not the rubber/plastic sort.

summer packing

Italians/Sicilians, overall, dress more formally – even in hot weather –you’ll will probably see Italians wearing lightweight trousers, shirts, and sun dresses.  So try to avoid flip flop and opt for sandals in order not to stand out as tourist 🙂

But besides that do on over think the outfits – remember it’s hot and you need to be comfortable during the day and fresh at night time.

Until next time

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