My Journey with CHIC Med-Aesthetic #5 | Medik8 Anti-Aging Facial | Overview and my experience

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Another milestone made with Chic Med-Aesthetic Clinics in Skyparks and for today I bring you my excellent experience of a Medik8 specialised facial, and before I forget I would like to thank my beauty therapist Christina – who besides being very sweet, she gave me one of the most amazing facials I have ever had done!

So let’s get some basic details out of the way : Medik8 is an award winning global skincare brand, sold only by skincare experts. The company produces only professional – strength products with proven technologies.  Medik8 products are specifically designed to target skin ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation and dryness and offers a complete range of advanced skincare to effectively target all signs of ageing for visibly younger looking skin.

As a skin research company pioneering the cosmeceutical technology of providing products suitable for sensitive skin without compromising efficacy, they may be used by everyone.  It is a myth that a product designed for sensitive skin would not be as effective just because it is less irritating. It is incorrect to assumed that aggressive products cause significant inflammation give the best results (the idea being that aggressive products provoke a healing response) but current opinion, based on the latest research, is that excessive inflammation can damage cells causing long term skin damage and perversely causing premature skin ageing. The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective ingredients less aggressive without reducing potency.

Christina opted for the age defying facial, which helps smooth away fine lines for a younger looking skin. A highly stimulating anti-ageing treatment that infuses the skin with Medik8 core anti-ageing ingredients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Growth Factors. A combination of the most powerful technologies clinically proven to have anti-ageing properties.

The facial itself was great, really active. I’m a fan of gentle massage type facials, but do not mind the ones that are a bit hard, as I like to feel as though something is happening to my skin. Christina started with a quick cleanse (I didn’t wear any make-up), then she went in with the toner followed by the  Bamboo MicroPolish Professional scrub, that she gentle massaged in circular motions in order to take off any dead dry skin and removing it with a warm towel.  She then moved to do some gentle extractions (apologies are in order).  I was happy to hear that I did not have a lot of black head or white heads and the ones I had were mostly in my T-zone.  Christina was incredibly gentle and I didn’t feel a thing.

Up next was the massage using the Retinol 3TR, a light and super-fast absorbing vitamin A serum that rejuvenates skin. At this point I stopped asking questions and let Christina work wonders on mah face, which was much needed I’m telling you. The whole experience was really great, this was no namby-pamby massage. It felt like my face was getting a good workout and, as this isn’t something I do at home, I really felt the benefit of every little massage she was effecting on my face.

My skin certainly looked loads clearer and I had a glow (Yaasss). My whole face in generally looked far less puffy. I really did not expected this to happen, I looked far more awake than I had been in ages.

The next day I was told by three separate people how good my skin was looking (they weren’t aware of my facial). I am writing this three days after and I am still benefiting from the said facial, my face is less puffy and I am opting in using less make-up.

To sum up my experience, as well as having a great facial I also had a brilliant morning, Christina was lovely and she was so helpful as I could ask as many questions as I could think of.  As I am writing this post I am already planning on going back quarterly to have the same treatment done – that’s how much I loved it.

If you like me are due a well-deserved facial I highly recommend trying the Medik8 facials available at Chic Med-Aesthetic Clinics in Skyparks I promise you will not be disappointed.

Until next time,

Disclaimer: As a token of appreciation, I was given the opportunity to have this treatment done, for the purpose of this review.  All opinions reflect my own personal experience and are in no way influenced by CHIC Med-Aesthetic. The content of this post and all thoughts herein on the treatment are honest.

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