Ebay Bargain Hunt #5 | My finds €13 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

The funtabolous eBay hunt haul is back, so without further chit-chat let’s get rolling with what I got over the past couple of months 🙂 Oh and if you do your own hunts on eBay please comment below as I love bargains off eBay 🙂

LED Light Up Selfie Luminous Phone Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 €5.67
I have been wanting a Lumee case for ages but never got around to buying one until I accidentally came across this seller on eBay who had dupe Lumee cases and of course I ordered it.   I just love it – it imitates the the original very well and it looks nice on my phone 🙂 The only draw back is that it does not has the dimming button that is mentioned on the instruction leaflet that came with the case, so when you switch on the case it might take you by surprise as the LED’s around the case are quite strong but besides that it is great for night selfies or when you are in low light. Also the strong led light of the case can be used as a torch 🙂


20Pcs Instant Tit Lift Breast Lifts Invisible Bra Tape Boob Sticker Cover €1.57
I had a set of these, which I had for years and they recently finished and I could not remember from where I bought them so of course eBay came in handy as these are the closest I found to what I had but we’ll see have these will work out.  The ones I had were one bigger to cover all area requested.  These have a breast lift one and nipple cover.  Of course I cannot post pics here but they worked just fine except I wish I can find like I had before as they had a better grip.

Car Steering Wheel Bike Clip Mount Holder Stand for iPhone Mobile Cell Phone GPS €1.12
Haha this is such a funny buy – not so funny writing it though!! I got this as I wanted something to use in the remote case that one day hopefully not so far off I start vlogging!!! But this little gadget is a steering wheel so you can imagine the funny upside down vlogs! However, I can still use it when I arrive early at an event or meeting or whatever  – beats having to hold the phone all the time.  We’ll see how it all turns out 🙂

Crystal 10 Row Simulated Diamante Rhinestone Chocker Necklace Choker €3.09
I have been seeing around a lot of the choker and being a choker hoarder of course I had to get me one! Looked nice in the picture on eBay with the hanging necklace.  It does not look that cheap considering the price I got it for and I can live with that.

GIYI Fashion Plaid Cold Shoulder Ruffle Dress Summer 2017 Women Gingham Straight Short Sleeve Mini Short Beach Dress Sundress €12.65
I am loving this dress – got it of Aliexpress and I never imagined the good quality they carry. The dress is off the brand Zaful and I am pretty impressed with it.  The only thing is the size which came off a tad too big (even though I got a Size 6) but nothing to bad as you can always add a belt at the waist to make it less baggy 🙂

So there goes the items I got over the past months and I am loving them some of the favorites thing I have gotten but you know me I am always on the look out for new gadgets, make up, clothes and accessories – so please let me know if you came something cool as I would definitely like to check it out.

Until next bargain hunt … Happy Shopping😀




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