Event Post #54 | Beach Beads Bikinis

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Woohoo I got an event #post for you today.  After all the events I attended during Malta Fashion Week this was nicely anticipated as it’s been a hot minute from that last event and I kind of miss attending #event.

So last Thursday saw me heading to Kuya Beach, for an event organised  by three great local designer for Beach Beads Bikinis event.  The said three designers do not need much introduction to the fashion scene as the three of them showcased their amazing work during this year’s Malta Fashion Week and other independent events.

In a netshell the Beach was represented by Carla Grima Atelier most famed for her exquisite kaftans, scarfs and beach dresses. The Beads was represented by none other than Yana’s Jewellery and her amazing hand-made customised pieces and the Bikinis was represented by new comer to the fashion scene ISLE & AQUA but mark my words it won’t be the last we hear of this brand and her work.  Truly remarkable and exquisite work and speaking from my own experience the fit of the bikinis is amazing!

If you want a detailed review on the three designers here are some link of my previous post :

Mystical Branches Exhibition by Yana’s Jewellery
Abloom presentation by Carla Grima Atelier
ISLE&AQUA S/S ’17 Collection by Giulia Pandolfino

In all it was a great event with lots of pretty things available for purchase at special prices from the three designer.  Attendees had a chance to see them on display and try most of the items which was great to witness.  I love when people support local designers as even though it might seems that their work is a tad expensive it does not compare to the authenticity of the item and the pleasure of owning something one of a kind.




As to what I w0re here for the even are some candid photos of my outfit.


Bardot Off Shoulder Top : Tally Wejl Malta
Boyfriend Shorts : Guess Malta (old)
Shoes : XUS Malta
Designed : Designer Fashion Design
Haircut : Carmelina’s Hair Studio
Hair Styling : Marlene at Bliss Hair and Makeup

Until next event,

Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to TGM Photography Media and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2017 TGM Photography

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