Product Review #28 | 3INA New UV glow-in-the-dark collection The Fluoro including makeup #look

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Y’all know the saying makeup is all about experimenting with new looks, a means to express moods and show different sides of your personality.  As much as I love my neutrals and pinks tones, I also sometimes like to experiment with some irrational and unconventional trends and tweak them to my liking.   So, when I was asked to go and pick some new products from 3INA more precisely the UV collection, you can imagine how excited I was.  I might be latish in uploading this but it took a while for the LED torch I ordered from eBay to arrive, however here in Malta we are not short of events and nights out so anyone out there interested in this collection can go and get it 🙂

Needless to say all products have ultraviolet light activated components. This collection contains cream eye shadows, pencil eyeliner, lip gloss, blush, nail polish and top coat.   All products glow under UV light.  I received two cream eye shadows, an kohl eyeliner and a lip gloss. In order to play around with these products I went a got myself a UV light to test out the products.   So  let’s get the review out of the way first 🙂

The Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow in the shades 401 and 402* : This long lasting, easily applicable eye shadow comes in fluorescent yellow, orange and pink, which ultimately gives off an neon effect. The cream eye shadow is highly pigmented, long-wearing, waterproof and sticks to skin like a glue.  I can say that it dries out quickly so layering this product is a bit tricky. Ideally you have to have the look in mind and work it in a little faster.  At the touch it feels like a liquid lipstick but it does not dry on the eyes as much as a the liquid lipstick and is quite comfortable to wear. Because of the long-lasting attribute, it might need a bit of work to take off but I must admit that with the Clinique Take the Day off it went off without the need off putting any pressure on the eyes.

The Fluoro Lip Gloss in the shade 200* : The lip-gloss formula is of vinyl shine, non-stick and provides a glassy finish.  It contains moisturizing oils to ensure that one’s lips are hydrated for a longer period of time. Like the eye shadow, this product comes in fluorescent yellow, orange and pink.  Not much a fan of glosses personally I really do not like them as I do not like my lipstick to go off hence the reason I am a hard core liquid lipstick wearer.  The yellow colour I got did not to my lips other than add a layer of sheen, but of course story is totally different when using the UV light.

The Fluoro Eye Pencil in the shade 700* : This eye pencil contains a smudge-proof property and comes in the color of black, but under the light, it gives off a neon blue color.   For me having a black kohl liner is a staple in my collection, whether it is for lining the waterline, or when smudged along the lash line as a subtle alternative to liquid liner.  The liner itself is super creamy and easy to apply, I loved the high pigmention, as I love for my liner to show up and be seen 🙂 Of course the cool thing about the liner is that through the use of UV light, it is transformed from black to cobalt blue!  (LOVE) which of course both of the colours are extremely wearable and really fun to play around with.



Now check out THE LOOK : I asked for the help of a professional MUA and entrusted the talented and amazing makeup artist Marlene Vassallo and she created this festival look to show off all the colour pay off of this collection.  Isn’t this look awesome and cool – OMG I AM TOTALLY OBSESSING OVER IT!!!. I knew when I asked Marlene to create a #look for me she would do an extraordinary job but she exceeded my expectations mainly because I did not imagine how daring she was going to be – and oh am I glad she did! WOW a true work of art. I mean she used the lipgloss for my lashes and to highlight underneath my eyes – I was blown away as I would have never thought of that … well clearly the reason why she is an awesome well sought after  MUA 🙂

Well ladies, if you love to be daring with your makeup well this the perfect collection so make sure to go and check it out and opt to never be invisible again with this fab glow in the dark collection!  The 3INA UV collection was so much fun and playful to work with and I do hope that you like the look Marlene went for – from my end I did not want to take it off  – but I could have ended up in a nut-house (LOL).


Said collection is now available in all the 3INA store at The Point Sliema, PAMA Shopping Complex, Qormi and the newly open store at the Energy complex in Valletta.

Have any of tried this collection … what are your thoughts on it …. any product you fancy more than the others? Let me know.

Until next time,


*Product are PR items

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Hudson Group Malta importers of 3inA in Malta.  I was given these products, for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and have in no way been influenced by agents mentioned.

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