Favourites #21 | August 2K17

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!!!

Happy august, everyone! As I planning last month favorites post, I realized I am having a lot of repeats… probably because the products are that good for me but then it hit me; as much as I hate not fulling my promises of monthly faves I am seriously considering mid-year favorites! So there is a good chance that after this one the next one will be in December … Any thoughts – what do you guys think? shall I go for it or you would like me to keep doing so monthly?  Will look forward to your advice xxx.

So, let’s the August faves rollin’:

Rhinestone chocker
These chocker has a good run this summer mainly they can easily dress up any item of collection to a #chic one.  I have a couple more ordered off eBay as I just love having back-up (yes even for accessories) and given the price #whynot 🙂


XUS Malta Shoes revamped by Desiree Fashion Design
I am guys if my now you do not know that I am a shoe #hoarder – then now you know and after witnessing Desiree’s new collection during Malta Fashion Week I had to own one of the design so I went to check on XUS Malta website and found the shoes I liked most and went ahead and asked Desiree to do the #dwejra design on them.  I say that I am obsessed with them is an understatement.


The Hangover Box Animal face sheet mask by Vilenta
I have been dying to try sheet masks but never got around to it so when I got the giveaway package run by the Beauty Diary, and saw that I had two sheet masks I was overjoyed.  This particular mask is designed for all skin types, and I fell in love with the sweet, nice and bright package. The brand is new for me, as I honestly have never heard of it, therefore I went and did some research to get a bit of information.  The Russian brand, has many awards, and cooperates with beauty institutes.  Brand also has its own laboratories. The site has a lot of interesting things one can read through. I was even pleased to see that there is a list of all the ingredients that is included in the description of the products. Overall, the site is decent, and the range of products is diverse.

Back to the mask.  On the back there are pictures showing you how to apply it and also instruction of how long you should leave the mask. The sheet mask contains raspberry juice and lavender – both good to sooth, firm and softens the skin.   In fact I noticed that after removing the mask skin feels velvety and soft to the touch.  Lavender is know of have a calming and soothing effect and also contains excellent restorative properties which is totally awesome. It was also nicely notice that sheet mask also contains a cocktail of vitamins to help deep regenerating the skin by making it look healthier.


Totally need to get me more of these sheets masks as I enjoyed using it and I enjoyed more the cleansed, refreshed and soft feeling I was left with.  Side note: being also an animal looking sheet mask made my little boy giggle so much that I want to do that with him again 🙂

Dupe of the Chloe Nile saddle bag
This bag was featured on a fellow blogger IG and the minute she shared the link I had to get it … I mean it was such a good deal and I do love me a new handbag, whilst I am pretty sure that I will get a lot of uproar but I do tend to fall in love with dupes and fall faster into buying them but that’s me I just loved this bag and I got it and have been wearing it non stop ever since I got it 🙂


Marc Inbane Powder Brush
The minute I started using this I fell in love with this luxurious brush that has silky smooth hair and an elegant shape. The Kabuki Brush is a round brush with a flat top, making it ideal for applying foundation, powder and of course the Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray. Designed by a team of leading professional make-up artists it is just a dream to work with. The thing that I loved most about the brush is the flawless way it adjusts to the contours of the face, and without loosing it’s bristles which is always a plus. The handmade, high quality bristles and elegant balanced shape makes the brush a must have for everyone passionate about beauty.

I used the brush mainly to tap on powder but it looks like that if I ever were to use it to apply foundation it would be just as amazing. Another thing worth mention is that the brush’s bristles have undergone a hypoallergenic, nontoxic, antibacterial treatment that helps to keep skin healthy and suits all skin types, even the most sensitive.


In a nutshell this is an amazing brush and it has fast become my fave powder brush.

That it for August’s list – let me know of any of your current faves 🙂

Until next time,


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