Ebay Bargain Hunt #6 | My finds €22 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

That time to update you lovelies to the latest finds I managed to snatch on my most recent eBay hunts.  For this post I think I have quite a few items which are a good snatched deal … so if you interested then keep on reading through 🙂

Mini UV Ultra Violet 9 LED Flashlight (Eur1.31)
I got this little gadget specifically for a product review I did for 3inA’s UV collection which if you missed it you catch it right here.  Besides that I really have not need for it buy will hang on to it just in case.


Women Rose Gold watch in Stainless Steel (Eur3.11)
This was another spontaneous add to cart moment but it a cute watch and I quite like the colour and it’s made of nice material too so not a bad purchase at all.

Handbag with Metal Ring Handle (due for Chloe Nile Braclet Bag) (Eur18.54 + postage Eur 3.26)
This bag was featured on a fellow blogger IG and the minute she shared the link I had to get it … I mean it was such a good deal and I do love me a new handbag, whilst I am pretty sure that I will get a lot of uproar but I do tend to fall in love with dupes and fall faster into buying them but that’s me I just loved this bag and I got it and have been wearing it non stop ever since I got it 🙂

LED Phone Case Samsung S6 (Eur5.42)
I got this as a back up of  my first case, and thank God I did as after dropping my mobile twice in the same while this cover was on (please note in 2 years the phone dropped another 2 times ONLY) it cracked and I was thankful I had this as I hated the broken cover.  Like the previous one it comes with a button at the back but no dimmer, however unlike the previous one I believe it’s a bit defective as I do not have to press it just glide my finger on it but again for a fiver all you need is to get used to it but besides that it’s great from those top-notch #selfies.

This time around I did not have much to share with you guys simply because packages seems to be taking longer than normal.  I even had some items being refunded as they passed the estimated delivery date by weeks.  Still I hope you enjoy the once I got and am sharing today 🙂 Let me know of any steals you encountered – I would love to check them out.

Until next bargain hunt … Happy Shopping 🙂



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