#ICYMI #4 | C&R S/S 2018 With love x x Collection

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This #post have become a MUST for me to feature the amazing C&R, I just love these two wonderful designers, I am on a yearly basis in awe of their vision for the current #collections and every time they never fail to blow me away.  Now … I managed to stop calling myself stupid for forgetting to set my alarm to catch the live stream, I can give you a run down as to what happened last night 🙂  Well I actually caught up with Charles via messenger as I was lost for words, I could not even began to explain my thoughts on this new collection so I asked him to give me an insight as to what inspired this collection and here’s is what he had to say on this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL collection.

The starting point of this collection began with a set of Charles’s childhood photographs and memories of Maltese summer days by the beach. Picture turquoise seas, pink ice cream, striped umbrellas and vintage picnic coolers.

Slightly nostalgic but with a picture perfect postcard message of hope for the future. To look to the future you need to know where you’re coming from and therefore C&R included the Coat of Arms of several Maltese towns into this season’s graphic print designs. The Charles & Ron Coat of Arms also makes its debut in this collection (:O).

With regard to colour palette for this season we were inspired by the primary colours found in the Coat of Arms and also features Blue Lagoon Turquoise, Ice Cream Pink and Denim Blue (yaaass). These are highlighted with Black and White.

Besides the graphic prints which have become a signature, the collection also features elaborate hand beaded tulle and hand beaded motifs are also used to embellish several designs. Silk, Silk Organza, Denim, fine Cotton, and Lace are among some of the fabrics used for this collection.


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The bags for this season draw inspiration from vintage cooler bags and also feature a new updated version of a Maltese traditional hand knotted rope bag . The Shopper gets an embellished update with Coat of Arms motifs, and one of the shoppers is dedicated to the island of Gozo!

The Models wore boots and shoes designed by Charles & Ron and also handcrafted Maltese Filigree jewellery. While the embellished sun visor is Spring/Summer 18 must have accessory! 

We will make sure that Spring/Summer 2018 will definitely be CoolER!

Show was held at the Art Hearts Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week
Make Up : April Love-Medrano
Photography credit: Aarun Nevader / Getty Images

Special Thank you to : Rocs Travel Malta,  Malta Tourism Authority and Sterling Jewellers

The one thing I will say is that Charles & Ron have been representing Malta during New York Fashion Week for the past 4 years I believe and I do not see them slowing down any time soon.  I love the fact that they keep pushing boundaries and utilising our heritage to the max, making us proud to have such a full and rich history.

Now do I dare say that I want each piece from this collection which entails robbing a bank (haha) so I narrowed it down to 3 outfit and a bag for my #wishlist (i.e. let’s start saving/donation welcome too!!! 🙂

Saying well done to Charles and Ron seems underrated but I would like to thank them for making use of everything that is original and unique in our culture and bow to them for always putting traditions in the center of their creativity.

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