#ICYMI #5 | Noir Bizarre hosted by Euro Media Forum

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In case you missed my event feature on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, I about to fill you in on something quite cool exciting.

When I met up with the organisers of this event Euro Media Forum I was really intrigued with the idea of bringing together alternative nights out.  Euro Media has been hosting these events at the new done up City Lights Arthouse Cinema, in Valletta. After the great feedback received from the first Twin Peaks revival event they moved on to give the public Noir Bizarre: Twin Peaks – The End?  In a nutshell it is an invite to step again into the surreal world of David Lynch’s eerie TV masterpiece, TWIN PEAKS and the new S03 finale.

If like me you lived your adolescence days in the ‘90s, then you did not get the memo that Twin Peaks returned to television after a 26-year absence, taking audiences back to the sleepy Washington town and its mind-bending mysteries. A 16-year old myself back then, the influential series debuted back in 1990, when all of the world was drawn into David Lynch’s world and its quirky interpretation of the classic whodunit. The show merged the supernatural with pop culture and melodrama, and as Kyle MacLachlan’s agent Dale Cooper unravelled the question of who killed local beauty Laura Palmer, the secrets of an entire community were laid bare.

On the night attendees got to see new the dark secrets of Twin Peaks S03 being revealed. Following the screening, the red curtains came down to “Fire Walk With Me” a tribute to David Lynch’s cult series wherein vintage clothing inspired by the show’s iconic fashion where modelled in a fusion of quirky 90’s fashion with timeless 50’s elegance.

The vintage fashion show was presented by Lady Kitt Vintage and BurgundyBlue – Retro Fashion and in true Lynchian spirit “Fire Walk with Me” it was an immersive experience that surpasses that of a mere fashion show.  An atmospheric exposition, to delve into the bizarre and surreal world of Twin Peaks.



I was really glad to have been contacted by the organisers about this event as let’s be real, I do crave for that ‘different night out’ and with these type of events once is really in for a great night.  If you are interested in more of these events do check out Euro Media Forum to stay updated as to what they have in store for us in the upcoming months.

Special thanks goes to the sponsors of the event AvonLady Kitt VintageBurgundyBlue – Retro FashionAgenda BookshopMiracle FoodsCapture it Photography and VideoElectrolux.

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Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to Capture it Photography and Video and have been used to the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2017 Capture it Photography and Video.

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