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Isn’t it just the biggest pain when some of your favourite US brands just don’t ship to the your country, my Malta is not always on the list or when it is the shipping cost is to so high it just makes you angry?  I mean you want to buy $59 item only to exit the cart excited to purchase and then BOOM the shipping runs up to $80 and if shipping is reasonable you are charge additional fees for taxes on makeup which is just ridiculous, if you ask me!

But I come to with a brilliant solution so do fret, cause in come the saviours for all our shipping problems … Hello! My Mall Box comes in – this company offers the perfect solution to our US shopping woes. My Mall Box is basically a shipping company that you can use to deliver items from the US that you may not be able to get otherwise – what a genius idea!

So how does it work? Well it’s very simple, you sign up to their site (which is free of charge) and My Mall Box will assign you your very own US Suite number which is basically your very own space at their warehouse! On the other hand when you sign up you have to fill in all your local shipping details. Easy peezy no!


I was invited by My Mall Box to test out their services to see if it really was all it’s cracked up to be. So let me talk you through my experience.  The perfect time to make use of this service was last month when my favourite Youtubers Desi Perkins and Lustrelux (aka Katy) launched their collection in collaboration with Dose of Colours (re-stock alert ladies if interested 24th September 6PM PST) and decided to order a few items off the collection but being a big collab especially knowing of how much famous Katy and Desi are in the US a few items I wanted were not adding to my cart so not to end up disappointed I got the couple cause you know it’s something.  While making the order, I thought everything was OK, site accepted my address until I proceeded the checkout and since I did not skip a specific amount for free shipping 😦 shipping ran as much as the 2 items I got!!!! It then hit me to use My Mall Box Suite address and by using a US shipping address I got free shipping!!!

I was beside myself, my order went through on the 14th August and I knew very well that this was a HUGE launch in the US so item was dispatched from the Dose Of  Colours warehouse a week later on the 22nd and delivered to the My Mall Box warehouse on the 28th – that’s 4 days excluding the weekend.  That same day I got the email from My Mall Box, that a package has arrived in my suite and from there you just  proceed to consolidate your package – choose your preferred shipping method – I chose the USPS tracked package at the rate of $9.16 which is by far better that what of the original company wanted to charge me!!!

Of course there are higher shipping options which offer express service within a few days. However, I chose the one most likely to be in my affordable cost, moving forward.  Two days later, package was on its way to me 🙂 I was super happy at how smooth the transaction was.  The site is very user friendly and even being a newbie at venturing through it, it was a very easy checkout. Really impressed with the smoothness of the whole process.  Package arrived on the 14th September (1 month in total).  I erroneously opted for the re-packing option on this order and so any boxes that the order might have come with, it was open from My Mall Box to place it in a smaller package, which I was glad in a way as it cleared customs with no problems.  Totally impressed with how well packed my items were, and a fragile sticker was placed on the padded envelope.

Another thing I really like, is the that My Mall Box offers a ‘buy for me’ service which literally means that My Mall Box buys the item for you and holds it at your suite until you arrange for it to be shipped on to you. I did wonder why on earth anyone would want to use it to begin with (as there is a small fee per transaction) but I imagine if the Dose Of Colour did not accept My Mall Box address because the Suite number sometimes is associated with a PO Box, which bare in mind many companies do not ship to PO boxes, in these instances this is the perfect solution, as we all know that if we want that item we will not rest until we get and a small fee will not stop anyone!! The ‘buy for me’ feature, is that have they use their own accounts at various stores, Sephora and Ulta, now I know both these stores offer point and you might be missing out on that but in reality what is that compared to getting that so wished for item that you only wished for but instead the people at MMB are making that wish come true 🙂


As mentioned above, My Mall Box offers the ‘Repackage’ option. This basically means that you can effect more than just oone order from various sites.  Once all of these packages arrived at your suite, you receive all the specific notifications, and all you do then is proceed to repacking which basically means that they open all your packages and re-package them into one box – which will save you money on shipping.

If you’re thinking of ordering from the US and fancy saving yourself some money, please feel free to sign up to My Mall Box, I highly recommend it.  I think I’ve covered everything but if you have any questions please feel free to ask away in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer.

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This post is sponsored by My Mall Box

Disclaimer: I was given an initial amount to use, for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and have in no way been influenced by agents mentioned.

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