I’m Trending #23 | Tonal Red, Glitters and Cords for Fall 2K17

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The awaited fall season is fast approaching and for 2017 styles are slowly hitting the stores.  If you happened to have caught any runway shows, earlier this year, you would have gotten the idea that designers gave us high avant-garde trend for the upcoming season.  There was a lot of metallic sequins, vintage skiwear looks, fringe, exaggerated and boxy silhouettes, unusual cone-shaped hats, patchwork looks, feathers and deconstructed styles that look like half your outfit may be missing.

A lot of the styles were inspiring, but not very practical for the fashionable, everyday woman, so I have gone through them all and have chosen the ones that I like most.  Any of the Fall 2017 trend, hit your fancy – would love to hear them out so do let me know 🙂

Tonal Red

It’s no secret that adopting a tonal colour palette is one of 2017’s biggest trends.  The seemingly minimalist trend emphasises a new modern aesthetic, complemented by sophisticated and delicately manipulated forms. Perfectly proportioned layering, with a focus on simple shapes and emphasised structure holds the key to mastering the mixed shades with the pairing of different textures and fabrics. Integrating and styling pieces that feature knit, wool, fur, and leather fabrics into the outfit is crucial for an effortless, and on-trend approach.  Now to this add Red.

Red is the colour of a woman in charge. Red is coming out in full force for the upcoming season, in every shade imaginable so be sure to be on that band wagon. T he key to getting it right seems to be to offset with one accessory in a contrasting hue.


Strike a Cord

Corduroy is back! The groovy fabric of the disco era has been reborn as a day wear staple thanks to Marc Jacobs, and Tory Burch to name a couple.  Now many of us all not much up for the all in charge cord revival, but for 2017 it has been imagined to new, feminine silhouettes. The new corduroys come in blush, terracotta or teal – a far cry from the geography professors of yesteryear.  Side note : platform shoes, while not required, are definitely encouraged.
Whilst all is fine and dandy on the runway, in the real world, the best way to styling corduroy bottoms is with silky blouses or fuzzy turtlenecks and knits. Do corded tops with vintage denim (nothing too bulky). And as far as corded overalls and jumpers go, I am a big fan of the hoodie-as-a-shirt look. One last thing: make sure the fabric isn’t too thin and tight — cords are meant to be warm, cozy and visibly ridged. It’s corduroy’s texture that makes the unsexy fabric so relentlessly appealing.

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Disclaimer : All picture collages in this post are from various online Magazine including InStyle, Vouge and Grazia.

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