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Hey there my lovelies,

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So last Tuesday  10 October, was World Mental Health Day and I wanted to come up on my Blog and talk and let it all out, this post has been in my draft for a while.  It has been a while now that I started realizing some stuff about myself and I am not really sure how I feel about them  so here I am thinking to myself that if I open up and share a little bit of it here maybe it can help me get through this and why not help someone feel better!

So here goes nothing ….

In the world we are living today social media has become a huge part of our lives – we really cannot deny that, and I can admit that it has a lot of effect in my daily life.  It seems to me like everyone is constantly on holiday and has the perfect body, relationship, home and job. I get very easily caught up in this social media world and think that my own life pales in comparison and at the least boring and at max worthless. I would like to think, though, that everyone has bad days – those days when it seems like your to-do list is 100 times longer than it should be, things at work or home seem too demanding to handle, when your whole shuts off when you need it most and when you just feel awful about yourself in one way or another.

All this mashed up together can lead to feelings of anxiety, which can surface as intense feelings of worry, inferiority complex, nervousness, unease, or even panic. I have not been diagnosed with anxiety in any medical capacity, but I certainly suffer from regular outbursts of severe worry, jitters and often feeling irrationally anxious.

It usually lasts a couple of days, and no matter what anyone says, it just does not help. Little things feel like huge things, my confidence drops to below nothing worth living for and I’m overwhelmed and intimidated by things that normally, would not bother me in the slightest.

On the matter I have been doing some online research of my own and I found out that anxiety is a common feeling that many people face.  While some cases might be severe and may need medication to help them (side note I am by no means a professional, so always seek for professional advice), I found out that there are things that you can to help ease some of these feelings if you find yourself having a moment of anxiety which I have been doing myself and are helping me ALOT!

  1. Breathing: I started doing this I noticed that when I was stressed out I would be grinding my teeth and the pain I would end up with with be so bad!!  I was even starting to do it while sleeping as funny as it sounds I was also doing it while sleep.  Now, I know that it is somewhat cliché, but I found out that it works – at least for me. Focusing on your breath (literally concentrating on the sensation of air entering and leaving your nostrils – if you ever tried yoga you know that this is a key exercise). Do so for as little as 2 minutes and you will notice that your heart rate with start slowing down. This is great exercise to bring you back into the present moment if you find yourself in a mental whirlpool.
  2. Talking/crying/laughing: This is were in I struggle most as I do not do a lot of talking, so this for is a ‘work in progress’. Studies suggest to take 10 minutes to call your bestie, vent to your partner, or even seek out a therapist. Talking out your problems and having someone to lean on can instantly make you feel better and less alone. There might be an appropriate time where you have to cry it out. Crying washes certain chemicals out of the body that are linked to stress, which is why we often feel much better after a good cry, Or do the opposite – laugh it out. Laughter releases all kinds of feel-good chemicals, aids muscle relaxation and even stimulates circulation. So get a glass of red wine your favourite funniest movie and let it all out!!!
  3. Get active: Sounds cheesy, but go out and get some fresh air. If you’re at work, instead of taking your break at your desk, go for a walk around the block or even sit outside for 15 minutes. Look at the trees, the clouds – anything besides your phone or computer. It can be so grounding and calming.
  4. Move: Similar to the above point, it’s so important to move your body and change your physical surroundings. Go for a walk, run, to yoga, spin, or whatever class you enjoy that gets your blood pumping. This is by far my favorite cure for anxiety, and I always feel better after a good sweat. It releases endorphins and moves you out of your head and back into your physical body.
  5. Listen to your body: There are a lots of things that can lead to a build-up of anxiety, including a lack of sleep, too much sugar/coffee, long stressful hours of work and house chores, etc. Try and focus more on self-care by recognizing when you might need an extra hour of sleep and giving it to yourself. Stress can often present itself physically, so make sure you are paying attention to your body and giving it what it needs, including rest, healthy food, time off, and plenty of water.

For me the thing that might have the most effect is writing it down sharing my most intimate predicaments, cause you know sometimes you might feel like you are surrounded by perfect when perfect does not exist.  The life we lead are we tend to build up people to something they are not as more than likely everyone goes through rough patches, so hold your ground and move forward.  We can do this!

Until next time,





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