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20171004_184905.jpgHey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I must say that 3INA have been killing it with all these latest new collections and I must say I’m blown away with them and how diverse each collection is.

A few weeks ago, I went in to collect on of their latest releases “All Eyes On You”  – oh happiness – new collection – new products, new colors so much fun testing them out! But before I jump into today’s post, if you are new to the blog you or you never heard of 3INA might want to check out  here!

All Eyes On You Collection*
This collection is made up of Eye products including four eye shadow palettes  for €14.95 each.   Among the new products in this collection, there are four Eye Gloss shades for €9.95 each, four Eyebrow Kit shades with two mini-brushes and mini-tweezers for €15.95 each, four Gel Eyeliner shades for €9.95 each and twelve different Duo Eyeshadows for €10.95 each.  These prices are in the average price range for 3INA and for the very good quality of the products the price is the adequate.  This collection carries some stunning shades and I feel that the gel eyeliners might be more expensive in some other brands.

As soon as I saw this new collection and the items chosen, I was VERY happy 🙂 I was  mostly really intrigued with using the eye gloss as I never owned anything like it.  First time also testing our 3INA eyeshadows, I was loving the colours but I was eager to test the new textures.

So let’s breakdown the products first off the most intriguing product:

The Eye Gloss in shade number 503: this was somewhat a difficult product to figure out as I never owned or used one before!  True to it’s name, the product is really glossy when applied and quite a thick consistency. It does take a while for product to come out after the twisting the pen so after the initial 20-25 twists not much product is left in the tube. It is not something I would personally reach for but I hats off for the innovative idea as I am pretty sure that it is a new product on the market. Said eye gloss can be used both directly on top of your eyelid or over an eye shadow.

The Gel Eyeliner in shade number 801: I have a love hate relationship with achieving the perfect winged liner and it has been vastly covered over here on my Blog.  I have over the years tried so many different products and gel liners being at the forefront of this journey of mine! However I always stick to my comfort colour which is black whilst this Gel Eyeliner is in a very dark brown. In the norm I found that all the liners I got were not as black as they would look in the pan, giving you that soft lined shadow look, rather then that thick bold colour in the pan, but the colour payoff for this good and I was quite happy with the colour.  Product looks very long lasting and it does not fade over the hours.

Eyebrow Kit in shade number 402:  Eyebrow kits I think they are the most handy item you can carry around in your bag for that quick brow fix when needed.  We all know that the minute you walk out the door thing your eyebrow game is on point you notice you have a flyaway brow hair that you have to plug out (LOL) so since the kit normally consists of a wax and two different powder shades, a tweezers and brushes they will definitely be handy.  My eyebrow routine as in terms the product I use varies depending on how much time I have to get ready.  When using a kit, I normally start off with the wax and I lightly outline my shape and the go in with the powder in slow hair stroke movements. In all honest I thought the shades of this kit would be too light on me as I could see some ash undertones however swatched the colour payoff is different, so we will see how it will perform on my eyebrows.

The Duo Eyeshadow in shade number 607: I have to say the duo that the PR team chose for me is amazing – I love green shadows as I find them they go really nice with my brown eye colour. First time trying eyshadows from 3INA I must say I was a bit let down with the swatch as it seemed to me that the product lacked pigmentation especially the lighter shade. This surprised me a bit since eye shadow powder looks like it’s finely milled.  I read that for a bolder effect from this duo it can be used wet as well and the dark green shade seemed like it darken when swatched wet but the lighter shade did not do anything for me.

The Eyeshadow Palette in shade number 102: This is surely a handy palette to take on holiday or on a weekend break as each palette consists of 6 different shades and I am in love yet again with the choice of the PR team chose.  Each shade is right up my alley and with just one swipe one can tell that shadows are highly pigmented and the combination available in these four palette will allow you to try different looks.

After my initial thoughts not all of the products mentioned in this post hit my fancy bit I will be using them for a make up look that will be up on my Facebook page hopefully very soon – so make sure you hit the hit button to see what I or most likely my trusted MUA Marlene Vassallo came up with.

Have you guys tried this collection? Let me know which one it is and if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you go check it out, available in all 3INA stores, at Qormi (next door to Kiabi), Sliema – The Point, Mosta – PAMA shopping Centre and Valletta – Energy Complex.

Until next time,



*Product are PR items

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Hudson Group Malta importers of 3inA in Malta.  I was given these products free of charge, for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and have in no way been influenced by agents mentioned.

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