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Today’s post is focusing in the latest Limited Editions coming from Pupa Milano in Malta.  I was sent some two items to test out from the Autumn Privèe collection and one from last Summer’s Savanna collection; so here my first impressions on the products I got 🙂

Warm, greasy colors, deep browns and shades of honey combine with bronze accents and amber hues of honey. For the Autumn 2017 Collection Pupa rediscovers a contemporary diva with a modern style, lit by vintage touches.

Collection Privèe | Eye shadow (Retail Price €13.50)*
Pure Color Eye shadow in the shade 003 – Exclusive Burgundy

Product Description: Lights up the gaze dramatically thanks to its multidimensional finish. Color is pure and homogeneous from the first stroke.  It’s perfect for creating magnificent extra metallic effect.

Texture and formula: A pressed powder performing like a cream. The mix of resin, waxes and oil ensures a perfect adhesion onto eyelid.  It’s easy to apply and it fixes immediately. Its unique touch evokes the warmed tones by the autumn season.

My thoughts: I am not a single eye shadow kind of person but this one is really really nice.  Product is very creamy and highly pigmented, and I absolutely love this shade 003 Exclusive Burgundy and having tried it without any make up base, it goes over the eyelid like a dream that’s how pigmented it is.  Another thing that got me shook is the gold glitters, which, besides looking awesome made the shade that little extra. Soft and smooth with regards texture and when applied on the eyelid it really attracts the light nicely.

Collection Privèe | Made To Last Definition Eyes (Retail Price €12.50)*
Automatic Eye Liner – Extreme Staying Power Waterproof in the shade 206 – Exclusive Burgundy

Product Description:  It gives a super-precise line with full payoff. The pure, vibrant color stays looking perfect, with no risk of smudging even when it comes into contact with water. Eyes are intensified and wonderfully framed.  Product is dermatologically and ophtalmologically Tested and also paraben free.

Texture and formula: Creamy and soft, glides on extremely smoothly. Adheres perfectly to lids. Light and imperceptible for ultimate comfort.  Slim retractable tip for ultra-precise lines with sharpener included. To be closed after use.

My thoughts: The staying power is out of this world compared to some of my others waterproof eye pencils.  I like that it’s water resistance in fact you’ll need an oil based makeup remover or a very good micellar water to remove it without rubbing your eyes. Product is highly pigmented and lasts longer than any other eye kohl I’ve tried.   However here’s the deal, if you want to smudge out product you must act very fast.  The little sponge tip on the other side of the pencil, is a great idea and I love it when companies include it with an eye pencil, but as I said you have to work fast as this formula dries fast and it might become hard to smudge it if it dries as once it sets, it doesn’t move. I am loving this pencil; it can be difficult to apply because it dries so fast, but the staying power is phenomenal. So if you still haven’t found an eye pencil that doesn’t smudge or flake on you, you might want to give this a try!

Between the scorching earth and dusty stones, the warm colors of the savannale shine in the zenithic light of the African sun.  In this context, Pupa revives the safari-colonial style and creates SAVANNA, the make-up collection for summer 2017. Signs with ethnic flavor enriched with three-dimensional details. The soft texture meets 3D metal finishes. Deep, brownish and sandy tones blend with khaki and tobacco that reveal tanned skin in sunny summer days.

Savanna Collection | Duo Eyes Twist up (Retail Price €12.80)*
Kajal – Eyeliner and Eyeshadow in the shade 002 – Safari Khaki

Product Description (Eye shadow): High intensity colour with a cool metallic finish.

Product Description (Eyeliner): An intense colour and extra pigmented finish.  The eyeliner contours the eyes with a precise line.  The kayal underlines the gaze with spectacular intensity.

Texture and formula (Eye shadow): A creamy and melting texture, it releases a fluid sensation on the eyelid and into the waterline.

Texture and formula (Eyeliner): Creamy, velvety and non-tacky, it adheres to the eyelids perfectly leaving an intense colour.  It can be easily blended for a supplicated look.

My thoughts: This a a great 2 in 1 product; a kajal pencil and a creamy eye shadow shade with a nice metallic finish.  This product comes in two shades Dark Cocoa and Safari Khaki and I am so glad I got the Khaki shade as I think it work wonderful with my colour.  Besides the fact that it blends like a dream, the texture is very creamy, but does not feel sticky.  Product does not fade easily making it long lasting.  The kajal pencil shade is a bit darker which I absolutely love and when used together they look amazing.

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*Product are PR items

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Medimports Limited importers of Pupa Milano in Malta.  I was given these products free of charge, for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and have in no way been influenced by agents mentioned.

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