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The latest collection from 3ina just hit the stores a few weeks back and it comes in a form of a fun and functional one – made up of 5 new products with a distinctly anti-glamour aesthetic and natural, matte finishes.  I got three items out of the five from the collection and here is are my initial thoughts 🙂

Shadow Paint in the shade in the shade 700 White (€8.95)

This one is quite of an interesting product to say the lease.  A very long lasting eye shadow for intense, magnetic color mwant to last all day and which is also waterproof.   There are a total of four shades in this range yellow, blue, green and white, which one might think that it does not sound like a lot, but just like normal paint, you can mix them together to get the colour you’re looking for.  For instance if you mix a small dot of green into a blob of white you get this great pastel shade like mint chocolate chip ice cream 🙂 and so on just be creative

In all honest even if I got the white colour it’s colour payoff if really bold and I I was a bit concerned that I’d end up with a white smear down my cheeks by lunchtime.  But because the texture is like that of paint it stays put, exactly where you want it. Besides that it’s also waterproof, which adds to the sturdiness.  In fact, the only approved way I found to clean the colour off  at the end of the day is hands down Clinique’s Take the Day off Balm always works for me.

I’ve only had this for a few weeks and already I have only tried this as an eyeliner as a block over the lip colour but I’m almost certain there’s a whole lot more fun things to be done.

Chubby Lipstick in the shade 113 Nude (€8.95)

I have admittedly said over and over that I am a Matte kinda girl when it comes to my lipstcik, however I think that the chubby lipsticks from 3ina are such a cute item to have in your collection.  As a makeup fan, I could not resist not picking up a couple of these chubby cuteness and now I have a third to add to the collection!!! There are a total of four shades (110, 111, 112 and 113) in this range and I absolutely love the shade I got, on the site shade number 113 is nude it does have a grey undertone making this colour a very particular one and one I do not have another like it 🙂

I  must say that I do have a few 3ina eyeliner pencil and have to say that I do like them.  The liner pencil defines the eye nicely and this green shade is brilliant, super intense and pigmented, making it effortless to create a precision line or a definition line that blends out also easily.
 So that’s the three items I got from the new 3INA utility collection.  I really enjoyed playing with the paint as it’s quite intriguing to work with.  The Chubby lipstick and and eyeliner are awesome and I love that I have these new treasure in my ever growing collection.
Have you guys tried this #utilitycollection? Let me  know your fave 🙂 If you wish you treat yourself all these items mentioned can be found available in all 3INA stores, at Qormi (next door to Kiabi), Sliema – The Point, Mosta – PAMA shopping Centre and Valletta – Energy Complex.

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*Product are PR items

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Hudson Group Malta importers of 3inA in Malta.  I was given these products free of charge, for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and have in no way been influenced by agents mentioned.

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