Favourites #22 | End of year | December 2K17

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Quite possible the last post of 2018 I decided to do the top favourites for the past few months and quite possible even more. I can’t believe how fast this year has went by and whilst exploring through my expanded beauty collection, I hope that next year, I will be able to expand it some more. Now, you may have realized that I stop doing monthly favourites because my products never seem to change within the following month, but I decided to do the end of year favourites, so I will discuss all the products I have been loving since August. I have narrowed this list down, cause I did not want this post to be super long, however, I did get in full on mode review mode on some of the products.  So you would like to know what I have been loving for these five months, then just keep on reading.

All products

Primer : Catrice Prime and Fine 

The Catrice Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti Shine Base Face Primer – a mouthful to say the least but I have been wanting to try this for as long as I can remember and I cannot tell you why I never picked it up before as at a mere €4.49, it’s frikkin’ amazing!!!

Deep down I always knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, as if I didn’t like it the cost of it would have not broken my bank, but I must say I have never been disappointed by Catrice products, they are amazing and there are only a few items I do not particular like, you can count them on one hand.

Back to product, first of all, packing is super simple, white tub with black lid which is quite nice, handy and I like it – reminds me of the NYX Pore Filler or the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. You get 30 ml which is a standard size for primers. This is an awesome primer, I do have some big pores on my nose, so the pore refining and anti -shine really worked great for me as it smoothed out all these little imperfections.

I think that they ought to add hydrating primer to the name but that would be even longer I guess. It’s feels like a nice skincare and makeup product in one when applied. The white cream has this tacky feel to it when dry, so your foundation kind of grabs to it (I have the same effect when I use the Nivea Men aftershave!!) which makes it look flawless. It’s an awesome base for makeup, because it really perfects any look of makeup on top.

Another thing I pleasantly noticed is that it helped with moisture and dry patches on my skin, that’s when I realized it is super moisturizing. So if you are looking for a nice hydrating drugstore primer that also double as a pore filler and anti-shine, this little one is awesome. For me it is one of the best primers for my skin type (I have combo skin). It manages to keep my T-Zone oils at bay and smoothes everything out.

I am really hitting myself silly for never picking up this little number as it must be one of the best primers I ever used and it will surely be one of my favourites for years to come 😊 and ofc I will buying a back-up ASAP.

Eyebrows : Catrice Eyebrow Filler in the shade 010

This happens to be my first ever eyebrow filler gel. I have always used eyebrow powder or pomades mostly to fill in the scarce parts of my brows especially when I go on heavy with my full coverage foundations, even my semi permanent fades away. I was very excited when I saw the product in my PR package at a Catrice event earlier this year. My intention of usage is to add to my eyebrow routine when full on glam is on and use it on it’s own in my everyday routine when I do not go in as heavy with my foundation.

Product is a naturally tinted eyebrow filler that grooms, thickens and defines your brows. Fibres integrated in the texture of your eyebrows to fill in small gaps and irregularities. The neutral colour will most probably suit eyebrows of all colours. Easy to use and fast-drying without clumping, the Perfecting & Shaping Gel gives your eyes a beautiful, expressive look and at the price of a mere €4 is a real steal.

The packaging looks more like a lip gloss packaging, except for the color. It has brown gel filled instead of colorful glosses. It comes in 2 shades and I picked up shade 010. The wand is like a mascara wand, with very tiny bristles. The bristles are soft and the wand is handy and stiff. The product is dark brown in color and the wand picks up little bit of product when pulled out of the tube. The texture of the product is kind of sandy and powdery while I had expected it to be cream based.

As I mentioned before, my eyebrows are mostly semi permanently shaped as I have no eyebrow hairs whatsoever, there where I have bald patches in my brows that need to be filled this product will not do that when a lot of foundation is used, I have to first use my pomade or powder to shape them and style and then use this filler to make sure the little hair I have stays put and nothing moves, kindly like what wax does but instead it’s with fibre.  However on my daily this eyebrow filler is perfect to set my brows and if any access product comes out I just use an eyebrow brush and move the access product to my eyebrow shape.  The product is not perfumed and did not cause any kind of irritation or redness. This is not a waterproof product however it stays put on the eyebrows and doesn’t transfer easily even when touched.

Overall I really like this product performs amazing in my opinion. I love using for every day as it cuts my daily routine in half.  I highly recommend it especially to anyone out there who has already a nice, natural and filled brow shape as it does wonders for me image what it can do for you.

Foundation : The Ordinary Full Coverage foundation in 1.2 Y – Yellow undertone

I have already talked on this foundation here so if you want to hear be talk about it more go ahead and check it out.

In a nutshell I was blown away by how easy this product is to even though looking a the bottle I thought I got a very very light shade but when blended with a makeup sponge it goes on seamlessly, and is beautifully opaque without being super dense.  Consistency wise, it’s a silky thin-cream texture, of which you only need a VERY small amount – I cannot stress enough the VERY! First time I tried it I wasted a good 2 pumps of product as I did way too much.

Once buffed in, it losses its slip and sets, however it doesn’t dry down to impenetrable grip so I’d definitely suggest setting with powder for the oily ones among you.  My skin is combination so I added powder where I normally grease. With regards to longevity the product gives you a good 5 to 6 hours of wear.

I’d be very surprised if you could find a better shade range, finish and coverage for just Eur6.50!!! So from my end highly recommend 🙂
Highlighter : Dose of Colour DesixKaty Collab in Mirame

Well when I finally got my hands on this AMAZING collection, when it launched on August 14th, I was super exciting for it to arrive and when it did let’s just say that I have not stopped used the product I got especially the highlighter.

First things first…THE PACKAGING and attention to detail!!! When I saw their youtube video explaining the products my heart skipped a beat after seeing how beautiful the product packaging was. I was instantly SOLD! I even told myself, whether or not the products lived up to the hype or not, I would be satisfied by the pretty, sparkly packaging alone.  I just couldn’t ignore this one. I AM A HUGE FAN of both Desi and Katy on Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram and the packaging looked perfect I could not let it go by!

Mírame which means look at me, which I absolutely love and that is exactly what this highlighter does. It is a rose gold highlighter (BEAUTIFUL). The powder is very finely milled, smooth and buildable. It is meant to give you a wet sheen look. I found a small but dense brush works best to apply it. It does not leave a white cast on the cheeks like some other highlighters on my complexion.

The highlighter has shea butter in the ingredients which explains why they’re buttery goodness. I found that my spraying your brush with a makeup fixer you own over your favourite brush this gives out for the most color payoff.

Eyeshadow Palette : Morphe x Jacklyn Hill palette

Me being a Jaclyn Hill fan, I was really excited for this palette but still felt sceptical about it. I mean, nothing is ever really as “perfect” as people say it is, right?  So, let’s start with the packaging. Just like all Morphe palettes, it comes in a cardboard box (even though now with the new Morphe branding this has changed), however Jacklyn’s is a pearl-white colour instead of black and has a beautiful metallic silver colour text on the front in.

The palette contains 35 eyeshadows (17 of which are mattes!!!!!) and it’s predominantly warm-toned. Not a surprise here since it’s Jaclyn’s preferred colour tones to use on he4r eyes. There are some cool-toned shades but they are mostly dark. We have a few pops of colour here, but overall, the selection includes a range of browns, reddish tones, coppers, golds and pinks.  Personally, I really like the assortment of hues but it you’re into cool-toned shadows, you may want to give this palette a pass.  So very quickly I am going to go through the shades.

Enlight – Satin – Buttery white with warm undertones and metallic sheen.
Beam – Satin – Light gold with warm, yellow undertones and a metallic sheen.
Silk Creme – Matte – Light-medium peach with warm, yellow-orange undertones.
M.F.E.O. (Made For Each Other) – Matte – Light, peachy brown with warm undertones.
Faint – Shimmer – Light pink with very warm undertones.
Sissy – Duochrome – Medium pink with cooler undertones and a warm, golden sheen.
Little Lady – Shimmer – Medium copper with warm, gold shimmer.
Creamsicle – Matte – Bright, light-medium yellow-orange with warm undertones.
Butter – Matte – Light-medium orange with warm, yellow undertones.
Pooter – Matte – Medium brown with warm, orange undertones.
Pukey – Matte – Medium, yellowed brown with warm undertones.
Hunts – Matte – Medium-dark copper with strong, warm orange undertones.
Firework – Shimmer – Medium-dark copper with warm, red undertones and a pearly sheen. Queen – Shimmer – Molten copper with warmer, brown undertones & gold, metallic sheen.
Obsessed – Metallic – Light beige with a hint of warm, peach undertones.
S.B.N. (Smokey But Natural) – Shimmer – Medium-dark, copper brown with warm u/tones.
Hillster – Cream-Shimmer – Medium-dark brown with warm, rosy undertones.
Roxanne – Matte – Medium-dark brown with warm, red undertones.
Jacz – Matte – Burnt brown with subtle, warm undertones.
Buns – Matte – Slightly muted, medium reddish brown with warm undertones.
Cranapple – Shimmer – Brighter, medium red with strong, warm orange undertones.
Royalty – Shimmer – Rich, deep purple with subtle, cool undertones & flecks of silver glitter.
Twerk – Satin – Bright, medium-dark violet purple with cooler undertones.
Meeks – Metallic – Golden bronze with warm undertones.
24/7 – Shimmer – Medium-dark brown with warm undertones.
Chip – Matte – Muted, medium-dark brown with subtle, cool purplish undertones.
Mocha – Matte – Medium-dark brown with warm, fudgy undertones.
Pool Party – Duochrome – Bright, medium aqua with warmer, golden shimmer.
Jada – Matte – Medium-dark teal with cool undertones.
Diva – Metallic – Deep, muted forest green with cooler undertones.
Enchanted – Matte – Muted, dark army green with neutral-to-warm undertones.
Central Park – Matte – Deep brown with neutral-to-cool undertones.
Soda Pop – Matte – Blackened purple with subtle, warm undertones.
Abyss – Matte – Medium black with neutral undertones.

Quality-wise, the Jaclyn Hill Palette gets two thumbs up. The shadows are soft, pigmented and not too powdery (when it comes to fallout). They transfer well onto the lid and show up true to the color in the pan. They also blend well and last without any issues throughout the day (applied over a primer).

f you like the color selection, I think that you should add the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette to your collection. You’ll really be spoiled for choice every time you open it to do your makeup! Great job Morphe & Jaclyn.

Lip product 1 : Kat Von D Lolita II

We all got on the 90’s kind of browns band wagon and when earlier this year in Rome I spotted Sephora and KatvonD range I wanted to get the Lolita I however, it was unavailable.  I picked up the Lolita II and I would described it as a terra cotta nude with a matte finish. It is an absolutely  beautiful colour that you can wear everyday (which is pretty what I have been doing).

I think Kat Von D has nailed the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula and they are worth checking out – the range has an impressive 28 shades, offering options to suit all skin tones. Next on my list to buy are Bow N Arrow and Double Dare 🙂 maybe next time I’m in Italy 🙂

Lip product 1 : Dose Of Colours DesixKaty in Hot Fire

The perfect red orange and formulated similarly to Dose of Colors’ usual liquid lipsticks, which means they’re pigmented, not drying, and have a whipped texture to them when applied.  Ya’ll might know that I’m a sucker for any red hued lippie so I’ll pretty much be wearing the hot fire liquid lipstick through all four seasons.

The liquid lipstick glides on so smoothly and dry matte. All matte liquid lipstick feel a little drying on the lips, but the formula with these are so wearable and comfy. They are a little difficult to remove.  I’ve heard a lot in the past that Dose of Colors has one of the best formulas for liquid lipsticks and after trying a few brands, I would have to agree.


So there you have it my lovelies – thank you for stick around for yet another year.  For the new followers up in here welcome and thank you for stopping by and I do hope you stick around for 2018.  A year where in I hope to improve on things I have neglected, work harder to bring you great content and do my utmost to make sure that this blog will still be around for yet another year.

Until next time – next year






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