Things I love/hate #1 | Instagram’s new ‘features’!

Hey there my lovelies,

Happy New Year and welcome back to my Blog!

First post for #2K18 and it’s time to say hello to a #newtopic which will revolve around things that I am currently loving or hating or both (hehe) and for the first issue I am speaking my mind as to what I think if Instagram’s new changes that have been booming as of lately.

Seems to me that this year is shaping up to be a year wherein, in terms of social media we move towards creating more content! A huge bulk of this has to be attributed to Instagram stories which has fast become the most used social platform to reach your followers both locally and internationally.  Speaking from my personal experience I am gravitating towards using IG more than Snapchat, even though the filters on Snapchat are way much cooler!!! However it is a fact that I have more followers on IG than I do on Snapchat and IG is better if you want to tag a company in a story.

From my end, this year I will be working harder at improving my content performance and like I do on my Facebook page Diva Inside, for 2018 I will look into and consider paying to boost my posts to increase reach on Instagram.  I have also for the past year been managing my Instagram using Instagram marketing  schedulers (like. iPreview and Planoly) which have been of great help to visualize before hand your posts so if by any chance you’re still doing so manually you might want to consider these type of apps to help with analytics and managing your user-generated content!

Paying for Instagram Posts Will Become Normal
When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, everyone’s greatest fear was that Instagram would become a pay-to-play platform like Facebook.  Nearly 6 years later, that dreaded decrease in organic reach has become real! However, thankfully, Instagram stories saved the day by giving users a new, effective, and free way to connect with their followers. And they even let brands add clickable links to their content too – well most verified accounts at least.  Not excluding the latter you might want to get cosy and friendly with Instagram advertising.

While regular Instagram ads have been around for a while, they do require a small level of expertise to get started. Running your own Instagram ad campaign isn’t that difficult, but it can be intimidating to us micro-influencers who have not used it before. The good news is that now you can simply “boost” regular Instagram posts to your followers (and people similar to them) without having to set up specific Instagram ads and targeting – unlike to boosting your Facebook page posts.  What I like about IG’s boosting is that once you create Instagram post, and post it, you then can choose to promote it to get more likes, impressions or profile visits. The only difference in these post will state “sponsored” at the top and the call-to-action button to “learn more”.

So if we want to stay ahead of times, now it’s the instant to start learning how to optimize your Instagram marketing with paid posts.

Your Instagram Profile Will Become Your New Home Page
Your Instagram feed will become just as important as the home page on your website. More and more people are starting to search for brands/influencers on Instagram first, instead of Facebook or Google.

So, just like you spend time crafting the photos and perfecting your website, the same effort needs to be applied to your Instagram feed. Creating your own Instagram aesthetic and planning your feed goes hand in hand with what content you wish to put out there .

While it’s true that only a small percentage of your existing followers visit your Instagram profile after they follow you, having a consistent aesthetic will help people decide if they want to follow you in the first place.

Using a consistent color palette, theme and/or editing styles goes a long way in making your profile come together, and you can use a visual Instagram planner like Planoly and iPreview to view your feed and move around your posts to create the perfect, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.  Also, with the release of Instagram Stories Highlights, Instagram has placed more importance on your actual Instagram profile and gives the chance to get more followers and company to see your feed.

So in a nutshell working on a robust Instagram profile, will more than likely drive people to your profile and if you do that keep a close eye on your profile visits stats, you may find that your Instagram marketing is growing even without having new followers.

Instagram Stories Ads Are Your Secret Weapon in 2018
There’s no denying that 2017 was the year of Instagram Stories. Instagram’s copycat version of Snapchat may not have as many features or filters, but in 2017 it quickly on the rise of it’s popularity to over 300 million daily active users, which is double the size of Snapchat. Using Instagram Stories to promote yourself is an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy but the real trend for this year will be using stories to reach new audiences.

Micro-Influencer Marketing
We all have noticed the rise in 2017 of brands using influencers are their marketing medium and it is obvious that this has exploded in popularity thanks also to Instagram, but in 2018 those of us that do not have that many followers you won’t need to have to have millions of followers (or dollars) to cash in on this trend. Micro-influencer marketing is officially the next big thing, and brands are already finding success in working with Instagram accounts that have smaller, but more engaged followings.

So, what exactly is a micro-influencer? It depends who you ask, but generally a micro-influencer is someone who has significant, but not massive, social media following. This could range from anywhere between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. While Instagram influencers have attained a “celebrity status,” micro-influencers are more like everyday consumers, so they tend to be very trusted recommendations like from a friend, instead of like an ad.

So for us micro-influencers there might be light at the end of the tunnel for 2018, as brands will be looking to work and reach out to micro-influencers 🙂

I must admit that after all this research which I enjoyed it is clear to me that managing your IG account has become more of a full-time job for us micro-influencers reason being, is that the content we post has to be of a good quality to expand your reach, followers and making your followers and possible new viewer wanting to come back to your page.

I think that IG is the tool/app which will be mostly used in 2018 and if they up their face filters game I know for a fact that I will opt to use only IG instead of juggling both apps which most of the time ends up meaning you won’t be posting any content on neither platforms!

So what to you guys think of this #newtopic.  What are your guys thoughts on these new trends? I am loving them and having gone through the research I now understand more how it works! Nonetheless, I hate it as it means that I will be needing more time to up my game which means earlier mornings and later nights.  Oh well let’s that 2018 sorted for me (hehe!).

Until next time,




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