Guest Blogger #7 | Five accessories everyone should have in their wardrobe by Tina of Golden Med Girl

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog 🙂

So happy to feature this year first Guest Blogger post 🙂 I absolutely love these these posts and all the refreshing content they bring to my Blog.  Today’s guest blogger is the sweet Tina of Golden Med Girl.  Tina is such a sweet girl, we had met through a fashion platform wherein we shared our thoughts and ideas from fashion.

Sadly, this platform is not active anymore but I am so happy that me and Tina kept in touch.  I was also honoured to be feature on her blog which if you missed it you can catch it right here. So, here’s Tina #guestblog post and fresh from styling training, she is sharing with us her thoughts on the five must-have accessories we all should own.  I am really glad to have must admit met Tina and I have to admit that this is one stylish post 🙂

I do hope you will enjoy this post as much as I did and do make sure you go show Tina, some love and follow her journey on Facebook, Instagram and her official Blog to stay updated and to see what see she is up to 🙂

Until next guest blog post,


PS. Should you wish to be featured as a guest blogger you are more then welcome to email me on


Caroline and I met online.

After a while we clicked and started to support each other since.

Yes, ha ha ha, it sounds like we met on Tinder and that we are in love relationship, but actually the platform we met on was all about fashion, style and styling tips and ideas.

They even had a challenge every month where we two competed for “the stylist of the month” with our comments and styling suggestions.

This platform doesn’t exist anymore but it gave me a great value, Caroline Abela, A Diva from Malta, is on my mailing list. And now I’ve been writing a guest post for her blog. I’m so happy and grateful for that.

I searched for a while what would be the best topic to write about and since I love colours and refreshing outfits with accessories, the headline was easy to determine.



Malta and Croatia.

Two small Mediterranean countries filled with history, culture, beautiful nature and creative people.

One is an island itself and the other has more then 1200 islands and islets.

Connected with sea. Connected with people. Connected with creative ideas.

My ideas to make your wardrobe creative and stylish using the accessories would be as follows:

1. Sunglasses


There is always a sunny part of the day, at least here where I live. We wear sunglasses even on a grey day. It’s just the way of living.

But be careful, choose sunglasses with high UV protection, sun is stronger every day and our eyes are sensitive to it’s rays each day more and more.

In my opinion, every style is IN and you can chose different shapes, sizes, materials and colours. Be brave and chose boldly, but don’t forget to be aware of your facial shape and chose sunglasses to flatter it.


2. Handbag


Weather it is a tote, cross body bag or a clutch, wear one in every occasion. I am familiar with the idea of wearing a small bag so the ‘gentleman’ carries and pays but in today’s world, when femininity is strong and women are equal with men, wear the bag that can contain all the things you need for the occasion you’re going. Be prepared. Always.


3. Belt


Hourglass body shape is considered as the ideal body shape for women. And in styling as well as in everyday life we all aspire to reach it. Weather it is with exercise, diets or clothing hacks. One of accessories that can help is definitely a belt.

Yes, belts can help a lot!

Even to apple or rectangle shape. No matter what are you wearing, a belt can really make you look like you have a waist and visually extend your legs.

Nevertheless, keeping the outfit fixed in centre is another great plus on the side of the belt.


4. Heels


Of course, if you are 185cm (6.1ft) or even taller, you can easily go with nice flat shoes too, but everybody under this measurements, specially petite structured bodies, need to wear heels all the time.

It is not only to get the hight with them but the posture and the elegant walk that one gets with heels is the path of confidence and strength.

And that is what we need now, strong femininity!


5. Statement jewellery


Not much to add except that it has to be big and unique.

It can make any outfit special and the person wearing it memorable. Maybe they won’t remember your name but the necklace you wore, the necklace is stuck in their mind at least for a while.


If you want to see what 5 Mediterranean accessories you must have in your wardrobe click here to download my little E-book Top 5 Mediterranean Accessories You Need Now.

Few weeks ago, just before Christmas, I received my Personal Stylist Certificate and I started my own styling business, online and offline. So, if you are in search for a style makeover or you need help with your styling dilemmas, get in touch with me at any time @


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