Ebay Bargain Hunt #8 | My finds €17 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

Yay it’s time for one of my favourite post my eBay finds.  Some great few items which were a good deal … so if you interested then keep on reading through 🙂

Popsocket Expanding Phone Grip/Holder (Eur 1.12)

This has to be one of the best gadget I got from eBay.  I have been seeing these pop socket all over the internet as the best thing ever invented to hold you cell to get those perfect #selfies and I must admit that it has changed my selfies game considerable.  By now you know that I have a few other more of these pop socket as backups even I must say it is made of good quality and very sturdy.

Womens Thigh High Boots Brown (Eur16.76)

I got these Boots as it looked like the perfect brown shade for me, in the sense that, a colour that I would like on myself especially when I am buying online.  I also liked the length of the over the knee part as it is the perfect length.  The only draw back of this product which I did not look for as I assumed it would be a given is the fact that it does not have a zipper which makes it so so hard to put it on.  However, I did manage to do so by folding the boots upper part, all the way down as much as I could which made it a little bit easier.  I do suggest also going a size higher than your normal size, simply because I feel like Asian people in general are smaller that Europeans.

Flat Top Makeup Brush Foundation Tool Powder (Eur 1.12)

I am completely in love with this brush.  In all honestly all the brushes I get from eBay are of great quality, so this comes as no surprise either.  I also love how it blends out all types of foundation, thick, sheer and stick, with all finish comes out seamless and amazing so huge thumbs up for this one 🙂

Large Brush Make Up (Eur2.20)

Yet another ebay brush purchase and OMG this is one of the fluffiest I own and as repetitive as I might sound I love this one as well.  So yea another great find and awesome brush.

Long Lasting Liquid (Eur1.12)

One of my all time favourite ebay liquid lipstick brand is Dragon and specifically this shade, so you can imagine how devastated I was when I lost it, I am still in disbelief as I consider myself as a person that is quite careful with my stuff, so I HAD to re order it the minute I could not find it.  So happy it arrived – O feel complete now 🙂

10 Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Masks (Eur2.10)

These eye masks are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. so refreshing mainly because of the collagen.  You can immediately see and feel that it is making a difference.  I remember when I got them the first time I was a sceptical however like a lot the Korean branded skin products I have to say that they are really good so here they are.  Love the fact that each set is individually packed for extra protection.

Six Pressed Glitter Eye Shadow Palette (Eur2.89)

I have been seeing beautiful glitter looks all over Instagram so it should not come as a surprise that I fell into the ‘trap’ and went over to ebay to find me one that I like and here it is.  I think it’s a beautiful little gem with beautiful very usable shades!  The feel buttery to the touch not that chalky however swatching them was really hard as you can tell from the picture.  Having said that I cannot wait to try them out in a makeup look 🙂


So here’s to another ebay bargain hunt, first for 2018 and I hope you liked my mini haul 🙂 Let me know if any of the links do not work so I find your another and yes why do if you got something good or nice off ebay let me know … love to check out what you guys find.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,






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