Tips and Tricks #5 | Healthy and Glowing Hair

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For many, the beauty’s worst nightmares are made up of (a) a massive pimple on the eve of an event and (b) unexplained hair loss. The former can be fixed with patience, exfoliation and some tooth paste, however hair loss is always slightly more of a headache. Of course, there’s plenty of reasoning behind why hair loss is so upsetting – hair is tied to our sense of femininity, it’s a safety blanket, it’s part of our self-expression – but it can be as simple as nobody wants their hair to just start falling out.

I have had my fair share of hair loss and I am going to share with you what best works for me.  When things get dire I always make sure to keep my hairdresser in the loop of my concerns as she always has my back and she is a person that knows me well and my hair history.  The first thing I start off with are what shampoos and conditioners I use.  The ones that claim to make your hair grow faster – they’re the emperor’s new clothes of the beauty world, however, you can never make your hair cells grow faster than they do naturally. I am one that was not lucky enough to be born into a Rapunzelesque gene pool, so I learnt to accept that the rate my your hair growth is what it is. That being said, there’s a glimmer of hope.

First off is the health of my body is linked to the health of my hair.  I try to think of my hair as a delicate piece of couture that can wear out if not treated appropriately.  You wouldn’t throw a cashmere knit in boiling water and hope for the best – so why would I abuse my hair and expect locks like Samson?  Mind you for years I abused my hair (shame on me!!!) and I had to through extreme haircut to get back my healthy hair, but have learned my lessons all too well and I am in a very happy place with my hair 🙂

The way I have learnt to maximise my hair’s growth potential and keeping the hair I already have strong, these are a healthy lifestyle, scalp care and styling. I always noticed that since I started taking vitamins and fish oil tablets (ewww I know) I have to say that I did notice that my hair started growing at its optimum level.

Obviously enough the supplement question comes into play here. Who among us hasn’t been tempted by an influencer touting pills, their mouth slightly agape to reveal what looks like a sweets between their teeth? Personally, I have never taken any however I am really tempted to test them out and I think I will get myself some – of course will keep you posted on that!

Next is the your scalp health, it is so crucial if there is the slightest evidence of an inflammation on the scalp it may induce excessive shedding. A clean, healthy scalp is a happy scalp, so take the time to get yours scrupulously clean and free from irritants. This can be achieved by washing your hair regularly, it is a myth that it dries the hair out. Seriously, just washing hair and scalp more regularly will clean about 70% of all issues.  For problematic or sensitive scalps I would say, you need to use a medicated shampoo or a product for sensitive scalps (always speak to professional as to which product to use). No ladies Dry Shampoo ain’t gonna gut it if you have an irritated scalp – so please beware.  You know how much I love dry shampoo but if my scalp is not in top form the dry shampoo will only get worst.

Finally, styling. I’m sure we could all sing the golden rules of haircare (use heat protection, don’t brush too hard when wet, avoid too much styling) in a two-part harmony by now – but it bears repeating.  Heat styling is a way of life now so I can never give up straighteners or hairdryer, but I try as much as I can to avoid damaging my hair. When I use a hairdryer, I don’t press it right on my hair or the brush. In practical terms, move the hairdryer away a little rather than laying the nozzle right on your hair, and a wooden-handled brushes is a good invest other than the metal ones which keep heating up as you dry your hair thus damaging your hair more.  In terms of tongs and tools, GHD are the superlative stylers. All of their devices only heat to 185 degrees – any hotter and you’d damage the hair; any lower and you wouldn’t get a lasting style.

Long, strong hair is built, and the foundations are these. Tweak your diet, clean your scalp, pop a pill (if you like) and ease up on the heat. Hang in there! I promise it’ll be worth the wait.  On the other hand make sure you have a trusted hairdresser who is you people as she will full understand you need and will give all the care and love your hair needs.  I would not be here talking about this topic if I didn’t have Carmelina in my life.  We have been friends for countless years now and I wouldn’t trust my hair with nobody else.  She talk me through countless crazy moments hair ideas I come up with – some we did and managed other she suggested otherwise.

Do you have any tips and tricks you guys love using on hair? Let me know love to hear them.

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