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My Nametags creates custom labels that either stick on your items or if you prefer you can iron on. I have been recently came accross their website and was asked to write my thoughts on their product.  As you can imagine I was super excited to check out their vast choice of products.  Of course I enrolled the help of the little man as of course these were going to be his stickers so his input in the choice was important!

The website is so easy to use. In the Text section you can write the name you would like. The design section is where you can choose a little picture to go onto the sticker, after that you select a background of your choice and then proceed to the checkout. It really is as simple as that.

However, I wanted to try and create my  own, I love the Design Your Own feature, you can have up to three lines of text in your chosen font and after that you can pick everything from text colour to background pattern. Add to that a small icon or image ranging from animals to flowers to sports to vehicles!   After a lot of deliberation, which varied from anything to all the colour on the colour wheel spectrum, we settled on the Mr. Happy range and as Aiden has a thing for being the ‘strongest’ in the family his choice fell on Mr Strong.

The whole experience was quick and easy but if I had to suggest something, that I thought was missing from the whole ‘My Nametags’ experience is the option to upload your own pictures.  Aiden is 5 years old which makes him quite opinionated on things he likes and doesn’t.  At the moment he has a thing for Justice League’s ‘The Flash’ so when searching for the right sticker he asked if he could have ‘The Flash’ – so if the option to upload our own JPG could be made possible it would be cool and something that would make the very pleasant experience a little bit more awesome!

I was extremely surprised at the fast delivery, I received Aiden’s name tags through the post a few days ago I opened the envelope and there was a small note inside thanking me for my purchase, along with 56 colour Mr Strong name tags*, held inside a cardboard sleeve to keep them protected and help for the stickers to be bent in the transit of the snail mail. On the back of the sleeve were clear instructions printed in colour with 3 simple steps how to label clothing and 2 simple steps how to label equipment.

‘Easy peasy’ I thought, I had a quick look at their website to give me some ides of other items instead of just clothing that I could label.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head, €18,95 for some name tags?! I thought to myself lucky these were sent out for free because I wouldn’t pay that and instead would most probably initial his clothing with a permanent marker.  Aiden loves a sticker so I gave him the packet and explained we were going to label some of his clothing for school. He didn’t take much interest in anything except his tablet at the moment.  His water bottle was up first as the one we had came off!  The last picture is with the name tag on the small ticket inside as they aren’t suitable to go on fabric.

These clever stick on name tags from My Name Tags are literally genius.  They will stick to pretty much anything – and are dishwasher and washing machine safe.  As you can see I have tried them out on a range of different bits and bobs and as yet not one is showing any signs or wear or fade (It’s now been a couple of week that they have been on).  Of course this may be different in term’s time and if that’s the case I shall update you but for now I’m really impressed!

I have to say I think they’re absolutely great and well worth the money. They’re so easy to apply, it’s a job you can skip and get the kids on the case. You could well just initial clothing with a permanent marker but I think this is actually a lot quicker, more personal, stands out and also won’t come off in the washing machine.

I love the Mr Strong design as that is my little Aiden all over, the colours are bright and stand out so hopefully Aiden’s coat won’t go walkabouts again. It really couldn’t get any simpler. I am going to keep Aiden’s name tags on and arm’s length and if Aiden decides he wants to take a toy or a teddy into school I can very quickly put a sticker on the label before running out the door on the school run.

In the meantime you out to know that I run the hot water test for Aiden’s water bottle and lunch box as so far the product is still intact.  Also, the label on this uniform did the 60 degrees washing machine test and it held brilliantly.  In a nutshell, I am in love with these My Nametags labels and so glad to be able to share my experience with you guys as I only have amazing things to say about this company!  Besides offering a great product and service, their customer care is impeccable and I highly recommend any one out there to check them out.

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*Product are PR items

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by  I was sent these products free of charge, for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own and reflect my personal opinion and have in no way been influenced by agents mentioned.


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