#ICYMI #8 | C&R “Palazzo” F/W ’18/19

Hey there my lovelies,

Hope you had a great Sunday and welcome back to my Blog!

I do not normally post on a Sunday however seeing as yesterday, my favourite local duo that is C&R launched their F/W ’18/19 #collection.  These #posts have become a MUST for me to show my appreciation to C&R.  I love these two wonderful designers.  I love the fact that they love Malta with all their might and it comes out stronger and stronger each collection.

I did not catch the live stream, however this morning first thing I was on C&R socials and to catch a glimpse of it it first hand.  What an amazing show and what an honour to witness it all.  I mean I can’t with this one.  Every piece calls my name (lol), yeah I say that every year (I know – I know) and sadly never get to buy anything as when I manage to save some money for a piece something comes up!! Oh well one day!

Anyways, yesterday at the New York Fashion Week, Art Hearts Fashion the audience was in for yet another spectacular show. Here is the information about this new ‘Palazzo’ collection.

For this season Charles & Ron explored some of the rich and opulent treasures of the Maltese islands. Many times hidden from view behind large walls and thick wooden doors. One of the designers favorite places and a perfect treasure trove for inspiration is Palazzo Parisio. The Palazzo and its gardens are situated in the village of Naxxar and dates back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St. John.  It was bought in 1898 by Marquis Giuseppe Scicluna. The Marquis renovated the palace and created a showcase for Maltese Arts and the eclectic style of the 19th century popular with the Italian artist residing on the island in those days.

The rich colours of the marble floors, the opulent Versailles inspired ballroom , Hibiscus flowers and elaborate tassels are featured in prints, hand beading and knitwear. The colour palette for this season was inspired by all the rich colors found in the palace rooms and gardens. The eclectic style is translated into a rich and playful combination of Deep Red, Spicy Yellow, Nasturtium and Ice Blue which are paired with neutrals like Gold , Creamy White and Black.

Besides the distorted stripe pattern the graphic prints take on a more photographic identity to emphasize the beauty of the palace rooms and gardens . The collection also features elaborate hand beaded appliqué motifs of Hibiscus flowers, the palace elaborate door-knocker and the Scicluna family’s Coat of Arms. Silk, Faux Suede, Silk Organza, Cotton Velvet, and Lace are among some of the fabrics used for this collection.

The bags for this season are either small or extra large . The popular “Micro Queen” Bag gets a make over and is embellished with gold studs, and the collection introduces new large shoppers and over size printed envelope clutches.

Show was held at the Art Hearts Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week
Make Up : April Love-Medrano
Hair Style : the Runway
Special Thank to : Rocs Travel Malta and Malta Tourism Authority

I leave you all with some amazing picture from last night, this time around I cannot chose and I guess I better not as I get so hyped and then cannot fulfil that wish.  Enjoy the pictures as I sure do 🙂

Until next time,



Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to C&R and have been used for the purpose of this post.  DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission ©2018.

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