BTS #1 | MFWA 2018 | Insight in Gaetano’s LEGACY collection

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It’s that time of the year again 🙂 Yep yep yep – Malta Fashion Week and Awards is ‘just around the corner’ well technically end of May but for all the participating designers it has started a long time ago.


So from today I will be taking you with behind the scene with some of Malta’s top designers and for my first post I bring you Gaetano’s and a ‘sneek peek’ into his new collection, and for this year nicely entitled LEGACY and from the title I can imagine that Gaetano was inspired by times gone by and what women wore to rise to the occasion.


So as you can imagine, I was invited to attend a photo shoot leading to the upcoming Malta Fashion Week so needless to say I asked Gaetano what inspired this year’s collection and here is what he had to say 🙂


LEGACY  for me is A tribute.  A collection that is inspired by the golden age of Hollywood’s most influential legends.  A tribute to these women who left their legacy on the world of glamour and queer history.
Their movies, camp and style made them iconic , and their legacy will live forever.  From the first lady of american screen Betty Davis to her frenemy Joan Crawford.  Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress to the wind blowing under Marylin Monroe’s skirt. I also felt that the silent era of Greta Garbo heading to to Judy Garland’s journey in Oz were also a key element to inspire my new collection.
Last but by far the least Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic role as Cleopatra to Marlene Dietrich’s gender bending style.  Fast forward to 2018 will take us back to a fabulous era, an era where legends became icons.
Behind every vision there is a a great entourage, and this collection is no where short of having an amazing group of people to put together the upcoming show.  Of course besides Gaetano himself, there is his trusted friend award nominated MUA and hairstylist Marlene Vassallo.
Add to the equation his own DIVAS extraordinaire made of the three stunning ladies that surely need no introduction and they were there when I dropped by the photoshoot. Stunning Claudia Faniello that together with her trusted MUA Justin Brincat and hairstylist Ritianne from Sleek Hair Salon look ravishing, beautiful Marilena Gauci and stunner Taryn Mamo Cefai looked both flawless with their hair and makeup done by Marlene.  The three in their beauty embody to the letter Gaetano’s vision of women. No matter what, at one given point, I do relate with these women being it their strong character, their beauty, their determination, there is something that exudes greatness and from what I have seen so far I really believe that this collection will resound to a lot of women.  The co-ordination of the photoshoot, including the photos in this where entrusted by the amazingly weet and talented Alana Photography.
Are you guys curious or what?  I was lucky enough to have seen with my own eyes a few of the outfits from this year’s collection and I cannot wait for you all to see it – the sad part is that you have to wait like me till the 28th May to see the whole collection unfold and as per previous years this show is not to be missed. In the meantime I leave you guys with some sneak peeks (cheeky I know) but at least you can try and imagine what it might be like 🙂

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Disclaimer : As stated above all photos in this post belong to  Alana Photography and have been sent to me to be used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission. © 2018 Alana Photography.

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