First Impressions #19 | Greatwhites Charcoal activated Teeth Wheeting

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20180222_171904.jpgAs I have stated here in a previous post, I have never exactly been comfortable with how my teeth look – I basically dislike them both colour and shape, hence the reason I do not smile!! I am still haunted by the fact that I never had the courage to do braces when I was younger!! I hear you say it’s never too late, but with a mortgage and a family the things I failed to do back then, cannot be done now.

I have used many different teeth whitening products which have resulted in leaving me with sensitive teeth. However, when contacted by Greatwhites*, I thought to myself that it really cannot hurt to try a different brand, especially one that is organic, flouride Free, 100% natural and 100% chemical free! These attributes really stood out for me as I learned my lesson well when not using teeth whitening products that contain these attributes.  Products which don’t have harsh chemicals prevent your enamel being damaged.  Greatwhite’s powder is chemical free so you can’t get any better than that! For those interested product is also Vegan, not tested on animals and certified gluten-free!

In the package I ordered from Greatwhites I was got the month worth of powder and a bamboo tooth brush with special activating bristles. I would suggest if you are buying this product that you get the bamboo brush along with the powder as it really does make a difference.  For one it is much better than a normal toothbrush and another thing you won’t feel bad about ruining a new toothbrush. Even though it states that the tub is for a month worth, I believe it could certainly last longer as there is so much solution in the contained.  Kudos to the brand for the very good sized tub!  The cost of the tub including the bamboo tooth brush is £26.99 (not sure if I paid any shipping!)


So in all I have been using the product daily for the past 3 weeks  now, and as per my previous experience with this type of powder, to get great whites there are a few simple steps for you to take! Get your bamboo brush and put in under the water to wet the bristles. Open the black tub containing the powder and use the bamboo toothbrush and dab a couple of times into the powder until all bristles are generously covered. Then apply to your teeth and brush for 1 minute in circular motion! Rinse and brush your teeth normally and start monitoring the change in colour of your teeth.FB_IMG_1521404130906

When using new products for the first time I am always a little bit apprehensive as anyone, as to how a brand can make a product look amazing and swear it works when really it doesn’t. However, I must admit I was really pleasantly surprised as after these three weeks I noticed that my teeth somehow look a shade lighter then when I started!

Given the premise that as I said before, my teeth are not the best example to get the ‘greatwhites’ however, I can tell that this is going to be a promising product and I will keep you updated after the month or so has gone by.

I will say though that so far I’m really happy with my results and I have been enjoying using this product and will surely recommend to anyone looking to whiten his teeth.



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*Discounted product 

Disclaimer: I purchased the product at a discounted price, I was not asked to review this product.  All opinions are my own and reflect my personal experience and have in no way been influenced by Greatwhites™ .

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