Ebay Bargain Hunt #9 | My finds €33 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

So finally I got around to updating one of my favourite post o my Blog and that is my eBay finds.  As per usual I banked some great few items which were a good deal … so if you interested then keep on reading through 🙂

The Flash Superhero Justice League Costume (€19.52 + €13.78 postage – Total €33.30)
You best believe this one has long been coming from this item, which was the carnival costume requested by my little one.  However, wanted to add it to my finds as the company that carries this item is very professional and came out cheaper than buying it locally.  Besides the fact that I could not find ‘Justice League‘ version of The Flash 🙂  The had the wonder women ‘adult’ version and I was so tempted to get it, however it dawned on me that I ain’t no Gal Gadot :O

I recently up upgraded to an S8 and after to initial transition I wanted to get the tempered screen protector as you know me being clumsy and a 5-year old enjoy the digital era I wanted to make sure the new mobile lastes longer than just a couple of weeks.  The salesman at the shop I got it from told that it does not come with the tempered screen because of the round edges.  St. Thomas me took to eBay as you all well know that you will find anything on Facebook right? And of course, I did find and with the price and comes in a pack of two who wouldn’t get it.  However, I have to say that yes that the salesman was correct as these were an epic fail in the sense that it did not hold due to the rounded edges of the phone – so waste of time to finf it and the €1.3o LOL! (Sorry I think I misplaced the package so that is the reason there are no pictures to show you for this item)
I am honestly obsessed with these as they did change my #selfie game.  I decided to get the marbled one  for my new phone and I think it is just sooooo pretty 🙂 Love it.
In my ever wide search for the perfect mobile mount to use in my car, I came across this mount that gave me the impression that it would be a great Vlog gadget so I when in to get this version for a as it looked steadier then the one I got last and the fact that it rotates 360° is just awesome.  Let’s see how much I will use it to Vlog now!!!  The only drawback to this is that I have to remove the ‘Lumee’ case because it does not fit with it in the allotted frame, but other than that I love it 🙂
Dual LED Selfie Phone Case Cover for Samsung S8 (€15)
OMG best buy of the last months has to be this ‘Lumee’ case dupe or is it? I was totally freaking out when I got it, for one I had not idea it was the dual one as I am pretty sure it was not listed as such, however I am beyond obsessed as I really love these cases as they are the best thing to owe for those perfect #selfies 🙂 and now I can even use the back camera for better quality.

So here’s to another ebay bargain hunt.  I hope you liked the items I picked up this time around:) Let me know if any of the links do not work so I find your another and yes why not, if you do get something good or nice off ebay let me know … would love to check out what you guys find.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,



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