BTS #3 | MFWA 2018 | Insight in Parascandalo ‘s S.T.A.R. collection

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That time of the week for a new post and another installment from my BTS  (behind the scenes) posts, that are meant to introduce to you the new #collections from our #talented designers.  Eventually these posts will lead to the much awaited Malta Fashion Week and Awards happening between May 26 and June 2.

Once again, thank you for the nice feedback after my two posts which if any of you missed them you can catch them here and here.  Today’s guest is Marco Parascandalo introducing us to his S.T.A.R. collection showing during MFWA on the 27th May and of course a couple of ‘sneek peek’ photos are here too.

So I caught up with Marco and needles to say the idea of these post is to get to know the inspiration behind the new collection for this year …… so if you want to know what he told me then read on 🙂

I have to say all the years I have attended Malta Fashion Week I have seen Marco grow and establish himself as THE undeniable brand conscious on street-style trend.  Since he launched the SKANDLU collection in 2014, where on that occasion he blew us away and quite literally did not see him coming, he captivated us with his unique style and since then Marco did not look back. He took the local street-style trend owning it by using Maltese ‘catch phrases’ that embody our culture in all it’s flaws and faults.

Malta Fashion Week 2018 marks the 5th year that Marco will be presenting us with a collection, so as he says the five points of the PARASCANDALO star in this year’s logo represent this 5th show.  Explaining the collection, Marco says that the main colour story comes with an exciting use of manipulation of fabric, the much loved (by all) denim, knitted cotton and hear hear SATIN.  From the picture here I can say that there is something very exciting coming from the PARASCANDALO studios and in Marco’s words S.T.A.R. promises something amazing to every fashion forward person out there.

I don’t now about you guys but I am already sold with the bling’ed up piece here and that cobalt material (OMG), and I cannot really wait to see Marco’s creations come alive.  So that’s about it for the third post of the BTS series.  A few more are in the making and I am so far impressed with the designers, they raised the bar on their own ideas.  They listened to the criticism, if any, and took all the good from last year’s reviews and worked with that to make their audience feel captivated.

Are you guys excited for Fashion Week?  Did you guys get your invite … Not yet, then what are you waiting for, get yours here? Make sure you do as Malta Fashion Week is each year becoming a well sought after event, so hurry up as invites are going fast.

Let me know your feedback you know it always welcome.

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Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to  Marco Parascandalo and have been sent to me to be used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission.


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