Event Post #59 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2K18 | Day 2 : Colores Del Flamenco Exhibition by Yana’s Jewellery

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Second day of this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta started with a BANG.  Local jewellery designer Yana Azzopardi exhibit her new magical and colourful collection called “Colores Del Flamenco” inspired by Yana’s passion for Flamenco.

Yana has grow a lot from she first started designing and creating her jewellery and to this day she has remained as humble as the first time I met her.  Dedicated and passionate for her love of bespoke pieces which are unique and made for each individual taste, the hobby she loved so much turned out to be her most successful gift.

I am madly in love with this new exclusive collection which introduced us to some amazing new material that not only includes the much loved beading and rope texture, but also Yana’s introduced us to some new fabrics like leather and beautiful material entwined in her trademark beads, taking this collection to a higher level of classy and elegance.

By the amount of attendees at the exhibition Yanas’s name has become one designer synonymous to statement pieces that match the person that you are being it shy, avantgarde or fashionable.  I know for a fact that when one wears Yana’s Jewellery you are garanteed to get the attention needed and appreciation that the piece deserves for the intricate details of her bespoke jewellery.

Photos credit : Gordon Formosa




Photos credit : Carlo Jourdan

Make up for this exhibition was under the direction of lead make-up artist Dorothy Buttigieg and her team, whilst the hair was done by lead hairstylist Dorianne Briffa and her team.

A huge heartfelt congratulations dearest Yana, yet again you exceeded all expectations.

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