Event Post #61 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2K18 | Day 2 : Gypsea Presentation by Isle & Aqua

Hey there my lovelies,

Onto the next and it was time for Giulia Pandolfino of Isle & Aqua exhibit, local swimwear designer who has over the past year become well known in Malta. The brand quickly gained popularity, with their striking piece and easily recognizable.  You cannot go to the beach or a beach club without spotting one of their beautiful pieces.  I am a proud owner of one of Isle and Aqua last year’s collection swimwear and I just love Giulia’s designs for Isle & Aqua simple because they are created to be comfortable and totally wearable,  even for a 42-year old woman like me.  I like the fact that each piece is unique in design and the material used is very high-end.

This year’s Gypsea collection is yet another stunning collections made of two and one pieces and I was completely wowed.  Love the colour palette ranging from blue to green to brown, really pleasant on the eye. As usual, her staple accessories used to embellish the swimwear is just the extra oomph to make Isle & Aqua swimwear sexy and attractive.  Also, I loved the fact that this collection saw added piece which were the very colourful prints and beautiful beach dresses made to match some of swimwear.  Perfect for does beach to night events – just throw over your Isle & Aqua beach dress making you ready to continue partying.

The make was entrusted to lead make-up artist: Marilyn Montebello assisted by Deborah Micallef and Nicole Busuttil, whilst the stylish and stylish sleek back hair was done by lead hairstylist Lara and Ruth Steer assisted by Kelly Mifsud.  I liked the hair and make up really complemented the collection.

Photos credit : Justin Ciappara

Bravissima dearest Giulia, yet again you succeed perfectly in giving us a beautiful and fresh collection.

Until next time,





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