Event Post #64 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2K18 | Day 3: Dejjem F’Qalbna Presentation by Maria Cutajar

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog! And Day 3 for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta kicks off now and what a day it was, so if you want to see all that happened last night be sure to check out this post and the ones to follow.

Up first for the third day, saw Maria Cutajar presentation titled Dejjem F’Qalbna.  Maria’s collection is inspired by her late grandfather who loved creating the iconic Maltese balconies in miniature version.

I have to say that I really and truly enjoyed Maria’s presentation, knowing from where the inspiration is coming, makes this collection extra special and heartfelt.  I was pleasantly pleased that Maria’s work has moved to such a better place.

Particularly this collection gave us an deep insight into her emotions she tapped deep to bring out the pain a loss bring and it was quite evident seeing the very dark colour palettes.  I command Maria for choosing these emotions to create this collection.  As always amazing choice of different styles with the use of various textures was impeccable.

Make up for this presentation was lead by make up artist Natasha Polidano assisted by Ieva Dasciope and Anne Marie Bonello.  Whilst the beautiful upstyles were done by lead hairstylist Mate Irsik and team.


Well done Maria, great exhibition.  I loved it all.

Until next time,



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