Event Post #75 | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2K18 | Day 8 : Atronymic by Ritienne Zammit

Hey there my lovelies,

Second show for day 8 and final show for this amazing Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta saw us anticipating another amazing local designer who has fast become a designer associated with the depths of our Maltese culture and for this show Ritienne tapped in to Atronymic which is an invented term taken by mixing the words Patronymic or Matronymic. Which means a family name that is taken from a male or female ancestor.

Ritienne’s collection will see the Maltese family names and their coat of arms meanings. The prints will present a surrealist and geometrical impression of the various Maltese surnames heraldry motifs. Is going to be Colourful and monochrome expression. The most substantial living remains of the Arab period in Malta lie in the language. It is now collectively accepted by linguists that the Maltese language is derived from Siculo and North African dialectal Arabic. This is very noticeable in the Maltese Family names.

As soon as the first model hit the runway, I had no doubt in my mind that it will be yet another stunning and precisely tailored garments, I love Ritienne’s mood when she envisages her collection, I love the depth of her research and I would love to be there when all that she envisages comes in her mind is put into a collection.

Once again, Ritienne did some new and exciting experimentation with new fabric combinations, mood of the collection what somewhat lighter then previous years, it was not as edgy as previous years, instead I felt pride in her use of red and white reminding of the Maltese flag

Her design for her prints as always is impeccable.  She grabbed a piece of the all the coat of arm of Maltese surnames like Zammit, Mizzi, Borg and Fenech and turned it into yet another unique print.  She also used some stripes found in a particular coat of arm and turned it into fabric.

I love all red outfit, it was a bold an a beautiful choice of red and I can see myself very much wearing one of the pieces, in fact I cannot wait to go and try a few of the pieces.

Hair and make up were just the perfection addition to the mood and vibe of the whole collection.  Well done to lead make up artist Elaine Galea assisted by Ieva Dasciope, Martina Bugeja, Leanne Borg, Suzanne Pace, Alexia Kind, Henry Galea, Bekka Mamo, Kim Deguara, Lara Borg, Karen Decelis and Jiada Vella Micallef.  Hair was entrusted to Christian Galea who was assited by Luana Cassibba, Rhona Sapiano, Tamara Moya Ferrer, Havana Cutajar, Abigail Meilak and Matt Galea.



Bravissima Ritienne, yet another well made and taught through collection.

Until next time,



Disclaimer : All photos in this post belong to Bernard Polidano https://www.bernardpolidano.com/ and have been used for the purpose of this post. DO NOT crop, edit, use or change these photos in anyway without our express permission.

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