Ebay Bargain Hunt #10 | My finds €25 and under!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

So finally I got around to updating one of my favourite post on my Blog and that is my eBay finds.  As per usual I banked some great few items which were a good deal … so if you interested then keep on reading through 🙂

Waterproof Brow Tinted Eyebrow Gel Long Lasting (€1.00 free shipping)

This is a repurchase and I have to say that it is one of the best products from ebay.  The colour payoff is amazing for the price it come highly recommend.  It is small compared to any product you might buy anywhere however you only need to swipe the eyebrows once as I said before colour payoff is amazing and once applied it stays put.

Small Rectangular Cateye Sunglasses (Black) (€1.60 free shipping)

These ones I first saw them on Abigail.Vick and I knew I had to have the same pair so I asked her from where she got them so when she told me they were actually for eBay was I was super excited so I asked her for the link as I had to have one 🙂 So thank you dear.

Microfiber Towel Turban Wrap (€0.90 free shipping)

A repurchase for sure, these turban wrap towels are the best thing ever to save guard your hair when you need to take a shower.  I think they are better than shower caps as they wrap around your hair and not tuck in like the shower cap.  It’s shape makes that process even easier.

Bamboo Handbag (from €20.40 + €4.50 shipping)

Dupe for the Cult Gaia Bamboo Ark Bag, I have to say that this bag is really well made, first time ordering an item like this from Amazon I was pleased it came as described, very well packed and even if I have to admit that I did not pay attention to the size I did not realise that this was the small version as there is a slightly bigger option but all in all it fits, my mobile, small wallet, kiddo tablet, tissues and wishes and my lipstick so not bad 🙂

So here’s to another ebay/amazon bargain hunt.  I hope you liked the items I picked up this time around:) Let me know if any of the links do not work so I find your another and yes why not, if you do get something good or nice off ebay let me know … would love to check out what you guys find.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time,


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