Tips and Tricks #7 |Effective ways to improve your Blog traffic (in my humble opinion)

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So you have hit the publish key on your latest blog post.  The angels are singing, the sun is shining and a torrent of traffic is about to turn up. It is the best article you have ever written and it deserves some attention.  Of course it’s your baby.

You spent time agonizing over the headline, the introduction is a sizzler and the structure is written for web skimming readers.  However, nothing happens. The visitors don’t show.

The reality is very different to the imagination that started with a dream of thousands of fanatical readers, advocates and viewers turning up to your web front door. The adage of “build it and they will come” does not work on a web where you are competing with hundreds of millions of websites and over 2 billion internet users who still don’t know you exist.

Dream shattered much? No, it’s just time to roll up the sleeves and build traffic one marketing tactic at a time. It will involve some social media marketing, old fashioned blogger networking and also understanding the nuances of Google.

You don’t need to do all of them but just start. I compiled a few tips – just pick three to five methods from this post that catch your attention and work on those.

So I have been researching and experimenting, some of these tips I have done and work well for me other I am still working on them myself, however, I thought I would share with you guys, helping each other is an amazing feeling and who know someone out there might have some tips and tricks to share with me 🙂


On your profile and Facebook page, post as many inspiring statuses that will engage your friends, fans and followers with a link to your published article.


Grab some text from your post, create an image with the text in an editing app, and add it to your Instagram with.


I have not as yet mastered all the advantages of Twitter however, it is a very popular niche outside Europe.  It helps to tweet straight after publishing your post. In an idealistic world the more followers you have on Twitter the better this will work.


This is also a trick one, if you have a google account this is automatically there for you to start using this platforms advantages.  Try to add as many relevant users to your friend’s list so that they can add you back, increasing the chances of receiving more “+1’s” and “shares” from them.


Create a large number of boards on your Pinterest profile and pin the images from your blog post,  these will contain the links to your published articles.


Create as many connections on this social media site as well as utilizing the ability of adding your newest article to the groups found on LinkedIn.


Facebook ads

Research prior to setting up your first Ad and create an eye-catching Ad that will draw the people into your newly published article.

Pinterest sharing boards

Connect with others on Pinterest, share their content, and you will be invited to join a group board where you can post your links to new articles on the blog.

“Pin-it to Pinterest” call to action

Create and use a custom-designed image that encourages the reader to share your published article onto their Pinterest profile.

Join a social sharing groups

Join group relevant to your Blog on Facebook, dedicate time to share your content within these groups on their ‘sharing days’.

Guest posting

One of the best promotion methods you can do is to guest post. Write your best article and contribute to a “targeted” blog that is within your category.

Network and build connections

Create solid connections in your niche and on social media since they are going to be your top promoters for your newest article.

Comment on other blogs

Pick five or so blogs and try to be placed in the top three for optimal promotion of your article’s link, within the comment. Be aware though that if you use this tactic some bloggers will not include your link or even approve your comment.


Post your article on social media at the most effective time

Use tools to select the most effective time for reaching the most people on every social media site you want to share your article on.

Create a “Series” of similar posts

In order to keep up your promotion for your article long after it has been published, write a series of articles with the same topic.

Build an email list

Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog via email. Make sure it is obvious and near the top of your blog and offer them an incentive to subscribe. Every time you create a new article send them an email with an excerpt that requires them to click on the link to read the rest.

That is it my lovelies, hope these tips and tricks help anyone out there reading.  Let  me know if there are any thing you tried and works perfect for you.

Until next time,


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