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Guest Blogger #9 | Overthinking by Marisabelle from Roadtobelle

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog 🙂

I have recently posted on my story on my Instagram for a new batch of Guest Bloggers posts 🙂 and I was really glad that I got messages from a couple of amazing gals out there that will be featured in the coming weeks.

I love these posts especially the new content that they bring to my Blog.  Today’s guest blogger is the lovely Marisabelle of Roadtobelle and she decided to share with us her thoughts on a real and hot topic in today’s hectic lifestyle.

I must admit that I found this post really interesting and a mind-opener.  So I do hope you will enjoy this post as much as I did and please do make sure you go show her some love and follow her journey on Facebook, Instagram and her official Blog to stay updated and to see what she’s is up to especially her upcoming trip to Paris with the brand Lierac 🙂

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So, you may be expecting a really interesting, informative, mind blowing blog from Caroline …. But you’re stuck with me today!

Hi, I’m Marisabelle.  From roadtobelle 👋 – I’ve been blogging for a little over a year– so highly inexperienced compared to Caroline.   I’ve followed her blog for a while and was always a huge fan.

overthinking1She was looking for a guest blogger and I thought well now’s my chance to work with her – what shall I write about?  And I usually have loads of ideas for my own blog but contributing to someone else’s sent me into panic mode hehe.

I really try not to overthink things, I like spontaneity hence my sometimes-bad hairstyles but here I am…right now… overthinking it!

What do I write? What would people want to know?

Then it kind of hit me, how shockingly awful is it to be overthinking such a small thing when you are writing in your blog almost daily. Nothing good can come from overthinking it! That’s when it hit me – let’s write a post about overthinking.overthinking4

Overthinking is like doing jumping jacks — lots of movement but going nowhere. And it’s just as exhausting. Have you ever tried doing jumping jacks for 1 minute without stopping? Well I have, and I can tell it’s not easy. Imagine how your brain feels if you are overthinking situations ALL the time.

But don’t despair we’ve all been there: Everyone overthinks situations from time to time. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to think things through; by looking at a situation from all angles and weighing the options, we can move forward with confidence. For example, when thinking about making a career change.

But overthinking can also become a problem when we repeatedly rehash past situations and second-guess every decision. This kind of overthinking can make us moody and anxious and prevent us from getting anything done and can eventually lead to anxiety disorders. As a pharmacist I encounter such situations in my patients quite often.

overthinking2And in reality, many studies have shown that people who overthink tend to strive for unrealistic expectations which lead to success. Yeay! So now you are thinking well then overthinking is good isn’t it?

But the price we pay for all this overthinking is mental exhaustion; maintaining the success obtained from overthinking is also psychologically draining and causes anxiety and this in itself will turn into a vicious cycle of anxiety and exhaustion and lead to us feeling burnt out. How many of you can relate to what I am describing here?

So how do we deal with this?

1. Take a breather

The key is to notice when you start to overthink. When you start to feel anxious or doubting, take note of how you’re responding. Stop and breathe deeply. Run yourself a bath; make yourself some chamomile; light a scented candle and just be still and quiet with yourself and think of your happy place. My happy place is at a window watching rough seas; lightening and rain – it calms me down immensely

2. Distract yourself.

Allow yourself to own how your feeling in the moment, it’s part of who you are. However, it’s important to accept that your mind is going into overdrive and do something about it. In other words, distract yourself! Lately I have started going for a run or to the gym when this happens, before I used to bake. But it can be whatever works best for you from reading a book to gardening. Choose your antidote.

3. Think About all the ways it Can Go Right.overthinking3

Overthinking tends to be negative and you end up convincing yourself of how you are going to fail and end up feeling worse – am I right? well instead of obsessing on all the possible ways a situation could go wrong, consider what could go right for once. I did that when I started my diet. One person I confided in told me well I doubt you will manage and that sent me in overdrive – if I did manage I can go to him in a year and tell him look how awesome I look, and I can buy amazing designer clothes and wear a bikini and guess what? I am 41Kg less than where I started.

4. Talk to someone you trust

Discussing things that are worrying you with your bff or your partner or even an online friend – these days its easy to make connections online even if you don’t really meet up with someone regularly can help you gain perspective. Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes looking at the situation can make things look so different J

5. Put Things into Perspective.

It’s easy to make things bigger and more negative than they need to be that’s human nature. This is especially true of people like us bloggers who are creatives, whose active imaginations can construct vivid, worry-filled scenarios. But if you take a moment to really think about the situation and its place in the bigger picture of your life, will it really matter in a year? Five years? Ten? Simply setting a timeframe can ward off overthinking.

Do you tend to overthink? What are your strategies for working through it?


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  1. Hi Caroline, I loved reading the above interview you have carried out regarding overthinking. I do tend to overthinking at times, being a mother yourself I believe you understand fully what I mean. However, I did find that some of the points this young lady highlighted do in fact make sense and are easily adaptable. Thanks Caroline for your posts. Marie Curmi ccc

    • Yes Marisabelle highlighted a lot of points that are under estimated so reading this post really put light on some areas that I should work on xoxo Thank you for your lovely words as always xxx

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