A little heart to heart #8 | Kicked off PR Lists!!!

Hey there my lovelies,

Welcome back to my Blog!

I have write and deleting this post for months now, however I feel the need to put it down on paper in order to get it out of my system once so I can get if off my chest.

So get comfy and grab some popcorn, because this post will be a rant post.  Just putting it out there from the get go so you are well aware as to what you are to expect 🙂

As a blogger, like many other bloggers and vloggers, I receive free products from various brands ahead of their releases to review for my social platform, being here on the Blog, on my Instagram or on my Facebook page.  However, for the past months I have noticed that there have been a few brands that I stopped being contacted to collect these said packages, hence suggesting that I have been cut from their PR distribution list.

I do not mind the fact that I will have fewer items in my future, as I do go out and buy the things I wish to own or need with my own money and will still review said products.

My main goal is to always be 100% honest when I do a reviews, I speak my truth about a product.  When I post first impressions post these will be ‘instant thought’ posts that gets the hype out there.  However, when I allow myself the necessary time to test out the product my number one commitment towards my audience.  My audience expects me to be genuine and never was I influenced by the fact that the items were PR products.  I’m in a unique position to give my 100% honest opinion no matter what.

This by no means allows me to be disrespectful towards the brand that provided me with the products and my blogs were never written with that frame of mind.  However, when all of a sudden companies stop contacting you, questions start arising : did I do something wrong.  Then comes the urge to contact these companies but then you decided to wait it out as they might have erroneously forget you.  Then you totally forget about it until you finally get the courage to contact the company to ask if all is okay.  When you finally get a reply you are more taken aback by the answer that they offer!

Anyways, hope this did not come out a rant, I just need to get it off my chest as it something that I never experienced before and it kind off set me back, however, I believe in everything I put down in writing and it is something I will forever continue to as this is what I am all about.

Until next time,



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